A one day typeface up for the critique.

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Hello Typophiles,

This is a display typeface I did while attending the Icograda International Design Workshop for Students held at IDC, Mumbai. The workshop theme was "Design Local". It was not complete but now I really want to move further on this. Your feedback would be really helpful.

Inspiration: A Window from the ticket counter at Mumbai Railway Station.


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Congratulations! Try to make more hot-tasting Pepper-flavoured?!

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I like this very much. Some things I would change:

The E looks too much like Greek capital Sigma (Σ). I would try matching the middle horizontals in the E and F with the horizontal in the H instead. Similarly, I would make the left-hand vertical of the K match the left-hand vertical of the H.

I also think the bottom of the U is very unsettling. Why can't it look like the bottom of the O?


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Thanks Matt, will sure make those changes.

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