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Hi guys,

I've been trying to post a new topic, but I've been having some problems attaching my file. I've made a new font & even though there's nothing new to it, I do like the outcome. Now my question is if it's actually worth kerning (since there's nothing new to it & I really dread the process of kerning) & if so if any of you have any tips on kerning?

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It indeed doesn't look too new. But it seems well executed.
Based on the .gif, I would say the comma's/quotes could use some more body. Maybe by making them longer a bit. They are not too different from a period, right now. That ampersand is a nice touch. :)

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Please show us some text set in it or better still, show us how you think it might be used if not for text. It's hard to critique a face outside of a context. I think there are some fixes to do before kerning. Maybe not too. Seeing how you plan to space it matters too - spacing and shape relate to each other. It seems a little wide in your sample. Or have you just not thought about that aspect yet? It does seem like it's worth going after a bit more even if it just ends up just being a learning experience. You can't know if it will go 'all the way' yet. And I think that's okay. The style is a good one to be working on just now it seems.

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I've uploaded a text sample for better judgment (mind you, this is just handset "copy/pasterie").
I'm glad you like the ampersand, Quincunx... I had a regular one stroke keyboard-like ampersand first, but changed it afterwards ;-)

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- Why not connect the dgbqp to their vericals sooner so the counter shape is less completely round?
- A related point the joins on those same letters & the joins on the rnm seem a little clotted or heavy
- The m & w seem overly wide to me. I am not suggesting a big change - just a small one.
- The k feels awkward to me.
- The ascenders are so short they are beginning to a little cramped to my eye.
- the h seems odd with one leg lifted like that. Why is it like that?
- The weight is at the top & bottom rather that the two sides. Is that because the face is so geometric & you have not accounted for the illusion that creates? Or is it on purpose?
- The counter on the 4 seems small.
- The 3 needs to be reworked. It feels awkward.
- The paces between words seem too big and the kerning between letters seesm too tight.
- The dots on your puntuation are too light.

I like the way your s seems to be top heavy & yet balances. I ca't tell if it's going to be okay in the long run yet since there is no PDF but if you can carry it it could be a nice feature and point of difference with other fonts of this kind. I suggest setting more text with it and seeing what combinations are uncomfortable. If you want I can send you some pangrams to try. In general though it is holding together nicely. I like the size of the opening on your c. It feels just right. I really like your y. I would try to be sure that other glyphs fit nicely with it litterally and in terms of matching it's 'feeling'.

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