Animated type

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Hello to everybody! :)
I wonder if you can recommend me any site where
I can find good examples of animated type.

Thanks in advance,

Laura Meseguer

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I already found a very nice list "Kinetic Type" on this site

I'll have a look to it!


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Do you mean type that actually moves or the sort of type with irregular baseline placement?

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HI Laura. Good to see you here. Here's my favorite recent example, but it's kind of silly: Akzidenz Grotesk

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the old favourite

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Search YouTube for typography.

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Interactive and animated type:

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Thanks for you all. I already visited all the links.

Thanks Stephen for your welcome and the suggestion (funny one).
Actually I'm looking for stop-motion examples, but based mostly on animated letters than in words... I want to prepare an assignment for my students, and this is why I'm collecting some examples.

Look at this site:

Inspired on Norman MacLaren movies, which I like a lot!


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Get a some Gumby DVDs! Art Clokey's titles were as fun and animated as the episodes themselves. Here's one: Gumby Concerto

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