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hello. i've been working on this logo for a while, but i'm having some trouble with the kerning. the spacing for the first half (TRI) and the last half (CIFIC) doesn't seem to be very balanced...or maybe i've just been looking at this for too long. any suggestions?

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Its Minion Pro's default kerning setting.
I dunno, you may try reducing the kerning bet/n IC, CI and IC.

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Like it. Satya's probably right, especially about the IC combo. Maybe the FI is loose too. Then I would tighten the whole thing up.

Everything in me wants to cut the upper serifs off the T. They are distracting. Maybe you could also use the green arc shape in the logotype on the right too.

(Sorry, you only asked about the kerning!)

I also dropped the type down to the baseline since the visual device on the left forms such a strong point of origin, it made sense to me.

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What do I know.

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Nick, that was a professional treatment. great job.

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Top work Nick, great ... Job

Paul Ducco
Design, Melbourne
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