Melbourne, Australia

Established in 1991, Letterbox undertakes typographic projects. Some of these are commissioned by clients (identity systems, signage systems, external publishing and font customisation) whilst others are initiated by the studio (such as lectures, publications, forums and exhibitions). Letterbox have self-published 12 publications commenting on typography and design culture including the Qwerty series, the Ampersand series, and recently Fancy.

Letterbox is headed by Stephen Banham, Lecturer in Typography at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), and regular contributor to international type-culture. Other contributors the studio's output have included Niels Oeltjen, Wendy Ellerton, Morice Kastoun and Sarah Findlay.

Recent developments include opening an e-store selling fonts, tshirts and publications. Fonts released include Berber, Terital, Kevlar, Morice and Bisque. Letterbox remains one of the leading independent type foundries in Australia, and continues to expand its collection.


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