Unorthadox Ad or Cowboy Banker?

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You may have seen this story featuring a bad font choice...

Labbe said the small Freeport, Maine, agency that prepared the ad, Marketing Angel, pitched the concept as a banker from the Wild West. Calls to the agency were not returned.

...reminds me somewhat of a scene from Blazing Saddles.

Perhaps it's because I'm an outsider, but I find many Credit Union ads racially offensive - maybe because they push the fact that they the "for locals run by locals" - unlike real banks.


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I think it's a little more than a bad font choice that sunk this.

Classic too smart for your own good…


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Aside from the image, Tarsy said, the typeface for the word “Wanted” is in the style of Judaic caligraphy. A sheriff’s badge that is part of the ad and reads “No Gouging Guarantee” has six points, like the Star of David, Tarsy said.

All right, image aside (goodness knows it's pretty bad, and could have been done much better with a little research.), what about the "WANTED" line resembles Judiac calligraphy? And star shaped badges with five, six, and seven points have been popular police bagdes for centuries.

I mean, I can understand the complaint about the photo, especially in the context of this ad, but the further complaints just make it look like Tarsy is just looking for stuff to complain about.

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I have to say, the clear apology from the bank president was unusually forthright. Jut because that was the best way to control the damage doesn't mean that he would choose it. It also is curious that no single facet would be offensive or unusual by itself, but, boy, they certainly stacked together badly.

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