Extended Ultra Light Sans w/ Tab. Lin. figures

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I am looking for something similar to Helvetica Neue Std. Lt. 53 Extended, but with Tabular Lining Figures. I am setting numbers for a calendar and cannot resolve kerning issues with pairs such as (01/11) vs. (08/08). I have been working this for a few weeks now, and exhausted from my attempts to find an alternate. Suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Have you tried looking at the similar weights of other sans neogrot faces, perhaps News Gothic, Unica, Univers (original and redrawn versions). Maybe even geometric (Futura) or humanistic sans (Frutiger) could fit the bill too. You should have no trouble finding a workable alternative for what you need.

Some years ago ;) all type had lining figures that actually lined up, obliging us to resort to kerning tricks to make the figure 1 behave nicely in text.

Good luck

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