Wedding font fun

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Hey guys. My sister asked me to do her wedding invitations, but I am not so sure I should have told her yes.

She didn't like any of the script fonts I suggested, and instead chose Sloop .

Now I am having trouble finding a font that I think looks good next to Sloop for the body of the invitation (only their names are in sloop). I'm looking for a classy serrif.

Any suggestions?


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I used Perpetua once.

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yes, gill's stuff often works well with scripts... aries or joanna would also look good... of course, gill sans light would look lovely if you're prepared to go for a sans!

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I think the Seria family would look good too.

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I would love to see a letterpressed invitation in bright jeweltone colors using Affair by Alejandro Paul.

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Requiem by H&FJ is a super classy serif.
Also, I had a huge thread on a wedding guide with tons of good font recs. Good stuff.

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Thanks guys, I used perpetua and my sister really responded to it.

kern the planet.

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