Languages at a glance

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The Languages we already have are now compiled into two documents - a .txt file and a reference PDF version. This is version 1.2

You can download the PDF & txt at the bottom of this post. There is also an RTF file but Typophile does not support posting that file type. If you want that contact me & I will email it to you.

Last Updated: October 18, 2007

Please help the project: It's fun, quick & kinda cool!

Please use the the downloadable files as a guide for adding languages or improving the ones we already have.

Langauages we still need include:

- Afrikaans
- Albanian
- Azeri
- Croatian
- Estonian
- Hausa
- Indonesian
- Latvian
- Lithuanian
- Malaysian
- Romanian
- Tagalog,
- Yoruba, and others.

Languages that are seemingly complete include*:

- Basque
- Latin
- Danish
- Dutch
- English
- Finnish
- French
- German
- Hungarian
- Icelandic
- Italian
- Lingala
- Norwegian
- Polish
- Portuguese
- Slovenian
- Spanish
- Swahili
- Swedish
- Turkish


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Languages at a glance.v1.2.pdf107.82 KB
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An Update to the French list courtesy of April Ford

Aa: avenir Avenir AVENIR; levain Levain LEVAIN; ma Ma MA
Àà : là Là LÀ
Ââ: pâques Pâques PÂQUES
Bb: botte Botte BOTTE; barbecue Barbecue BARBECUE; toubib Toubib TOUBIB
Cc: carnet Carnet CARNET; accent Accent ACCENT; blanc Blanc BLANC
Çç: garçon Garçon GARÇON
Dd: dommage Dommage DOMMAGE; additionel Additionel ADDITIONEL; marchand Marchand MARCHAND
Ee: exemple Exemple EXEMPLE; féerique Féerique FÉERIQUE; mange Mange MANGE
Èè: grève Grève GRÈVE
Éé: été Été ÉTÉ
Êê: être Être ÊTRE
Ff: faible Faible FAIBLE; effort Effort EFFORT; bref Bref BREF
Gg: guise Guise GUISE; aggravation Aggravation AGGRAVATION; rang Rang RANG
Hh: hiver Hiver HIVER; souhait Souhait SOUHAIT; eh Eh EH
Ii: ignoble Ignoble IGNOBLE; triions Triions TRIIONS; ami Ami AMI
Îî: naître Naître NAÎTRE
Jj: jamais Jamais JAMAIS; séjour Séjour SÉJOUR
Kk: kilogramme Kilogramme KILOGRAMME; aïkido Aïkido AÏKIDO; kayak Kayak KAYAK
Ll: lutin Lutin LUTIN; meilleur Meilleur MEILLEUR; pareil Pareil PAREIL
Mm: manger Manger MANGER; inconsciemment Inconsciemment INCONSCIEMMENT; slalom Slalom SLALOM
Nn: noyer Noyer NOYER; ennuyant Ennuyant ENNUYANT; non Non NON
Oo: ouvert Ouvert OUVERT; zoophobie Zoophobie ZOOPHOBIE; silo Silo SILO
Pp: population Population POPULATION; application Application APPLICATION ; sep Sep SEP
Qq: question Question QUESTION; maquette Maquette MAQUETTE; coq Coq COQ
Rr: rigoleux Rigoleux RIGOLEUX; barrage Barrage BARRAGE; rougir Rougir ROUGIR
Ss: soyeux Soyeux SOYEUX; ressentir Ressentir RESSENTIR; masques Masques MASQUES
Tt: tuyau Tuyau TUYAU; attention Attention ATTENTION; chant Chant CHANT
Uu: usure Usure USURE; aubergine Aubergine AUBERGINE; filou Filou FILOU
Vv: visuel Visuel VISUEL; avenir Avenir AVENIR
Ww: wagon Wagon WAGON
Xx: xylophone Xylophone XYLOPHONE; sixième Sixième SIXIÈME; paix Paix PAIX
Yy: yeux Yeux YEUX; écuyer Écuyer ÉCUYER; allez-y Allez-y ALLEZ-Y
Zz: zeste Zeste ZESTE; pizza Pizza PIZZA; jazz Jazz JAZZ

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Eben, sorry I somehow forgot the thread for a while.
The data I gave is as I typed it on our Congolese keyboard layout. We don't bother having precomposed characters since we need the combining diacritics for things like ɛ́, so we just use the same accent for á (instead of á).

If your application isn't displaying Á like Á, that a missing feature in the font or a bug in your text layout libraries. It might be a lot of work to add diacritics placement but it is a requirement for many African languages.

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What, no Greek?

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I could take a stab at classical Greek, but I was hoping somebody who knows it a lot better would do it.

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Thanks Denis!

A Greek or Cyrillic would be a great thing to have but that may have to be a later cycle. In any event I hope to have this up & available for the Roman by Late Sept now. I know it's late! Sorry to anyone who is waiting.

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Nice one!

On a sidenote: I just wanted to mention that my name is cut off in the PDF (Jelmar Geert, instead of Jelmar Geertsma, in the txt it's correct).

And in my Dutch sample, in the txt-file the word 'drieërlei' for the letter 'iI' is errorneous. It says 'drieërlei Drieërlei DRIEËRLEI'. :)

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I will correct this mistake. Thanks for catching it!

Will you send me a text file with just the correction to the dutch word? I am not seeing what you mean. Unless you are not sing the unicode and you are actually getting litterally the glyphs ’drieërlei'.

Do you see the same problem with this word in the PDF?

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There is no mistake, it is ‘drieërlei Drieërlei DRIEËRLEI’. Jelmar, what you see is caused by the wrongly (?) applied text encoding of your application.

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Thanks Florian!

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Well, I thought it had something to do with unicode as well, I was reading the txt-file in browser. So Florian was right, the problem was on my side. :)

With the new PDF however, I don't see Gentium embedded? It renders the text very small with a different monowidth typeface. I don't think that is caused by something on my side? :)

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Sorry to say, but I guess you have to check your computer, Jelmar! ;)

The PDF is just fine, in AcrobatReader 8.1 and others aswell.

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I just checked. No, what Jelmar is seeing is real. It's yet another mistake on my part for version 1.1. Florian, you have 1.0

1.2 coming up!

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1.2 is up now. Again, my apologies for the problems.

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Okay, sorry Jelmar, I am so verouderd … ;°)

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Hehe, no problem, Florian.

And Eben, I think it looks fine now. :)

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Hmm. We could use a list for Esperanto. Maybe sometime in the near future I’ll collect one.

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This just saved me a ton of work. Thanks everyone.

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i got this from 4.1 All letters
4.1.1 Afrikaans
4.1.2 Arabic
4.1.3 Azeri
4.1.4 Breton
4.1.5 Bulgarian
4.1.6 Catalan
4.1.7 Croatian
4.1.8 Czech
4.1.9 Danish
4.1.10 Dutch
4.1.11 Dzongkha
4.1.12 Esperanto
4.1.13 Estonian
4.1.14 Eesti
4.1.15 Finnish
4.1.16 French
4.1.17 West Frisian
4.1.18 German
4.1.19 Greek
4.1.20 Hebrew
4.1.21 Hungarian
4.1.22 Icelandic
4.1.23 Igbo
4.1.24 Indonesian
4.1.25 Irish
4.1.26 Italian
4.1.27 Japanese
4.1.28 Javanese
4.1.29 Klingon
4.1.30 Korean
4.1.31 Latin
4.1.32 Latvian
4.1.33 Lithuanian
4.1.34 Lojban
4.1.35 Macedonian
4.1.36 Malayalam
4.1.37 Mapudungun
4.1.38 Mongolian
4.1.39 Myanmar
4.1.40 Norwegian
4.1.41 Polish
4.1.42 Portuguese
4.1.43 Romanian
4.1.44 Russian
4.1.45 Scottish Gaelic
4.1.46 Serbian
4.1.47 Slovak
4.1.48 Slovenian
4.1.49 Spanish
4.1.50 Swedish
4.1.51 Thai
4.1.52 Tibetan
4.1.53 Turkish
4.1.54 Ukrainian
4.1.55 Urdu
4.1.56 Uyghur
4.1.57 Yoruba
4.1.58 Welsh

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