Languages at a glance

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The Languages we already have are now compiled into two documents - a .txt file and a reference PDF version. This is version 1.2

You can download the PDF & txt at the bottom of this post. There is also an RTF file but Typophile does not support posting that file type. If you want that contact me & I will email it to you.

Last Updated: October 18, 2007

Please help the project: It's fun, quick & kinda cool!

Please use the the downloadable files as a guide for adding languages or improving the ones we already have.

Langauages we still need include:

- Afrikaans
- Albanian
- Azeri
- Croatian
- Estonian
- Hausa
- Indonesian
- Latvian
- Lithuanian
- Malaysian
- Romanian
- Tagalog,
- Yoruba, and others.

Languages that are seemingly complete include*:

- Basque
- Latin
- Danish
- Dutch
- English
- Finnish
- French
- German
- Hungarian
- Icelandic
- Italian
- Lingala
- Norwegian
- Polish
- Portuguese
- Slovenian
- Spanish
- Swahili
- Swedish
- Turkish


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Are 'loan words' not allowed? My english list will become less populated without them. Especially the jj words! I don't want to advocate using loan words when there is a native word that works but in a pinch if the word is in the dictionary then I think it should be allowed to stay. Does this distiction make sense?

Felix, Thank You!

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I tried to avoid loan words in my Dutch list as much as possible.
But I guess sometimes it's not possible to avoid it. For example, the Dutch word for 'shower' is 'douche', which is just the French word. We don't have another word for it.

I would say, only use loan words if there is no native word containing a certain letter(combination), and when it's in the dictionary. Like you said. :)

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In my list, I used loan words only if necessary. As they are not frequent formations, I have noted them with an asterisk.

For example, double g is not natural in basque and there can be no native word with it, but 'reggae' does exist in basque, as it is in the dictionary and it is used. So a 'gg' combination is only found in loan words, but it may appear in basque texts (there is no other word for 'reggae').

And yes, there is 'pizza' too. And we use it! ;)

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I have updated the title because we are still missing some languages - and I should add Czech & Slovakian, and probably other too! I suspect I have missed languages. Do you see languages that are missing? Especially ones you want? Is there any point in Romanized or 'Pin Yin' Chinese? Is there such a thing as 'Romanized' Korean? As far As I know there is no Pin Yin equivalent for Japanese. What about Welsh & Irish?

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There are at least hundreds of languages left to go if you want to include all languages written in some form of the Roman alphabet! Some major ones are: Turkish, Danish, Polish, Malaysian, Indonesian, Albanian, Afrikaans, Tagalog, Azeri, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Croatian, Slovenian, Hausa, Yoruba... It makes one's head spin.

There are several romanization schemes for Korean. The most important ones might be the new official romanization used in South Korea, the old official romanization used in South Korea, the official romanization used in North Korea, the McCune-Reischauer romanization (upon which the latter two are based), and the Yale romanization scheme... Mostly though, people use ad hoc romanizations that stick to no system. I could provide lists, but I don't see how useful they would be, since romanized Korean serves a limited purpose anyway.

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Thanks for clarifing Brian!

romanized Korean serves a limited purpose anyway

So when you see romanized korean maybe it's for titles, signage and other short purposes not running text - is that right? You would never see a novel or comic book set in Romanized Korean. Correct?

Is there any chance that you could do an additional langauge? Are you a linguist? How did you come to have your Swahili? I was looking at your profile on Typophile but I can't get much info from it.

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So when you see romanized korean maybe it’s for titles, signage and other short purposes not running text - is that right? You would never see a novel or comic book set in Romanized Korean. Correct?

That's exactly right. A novel set in romanized Korean would be really interesting to slog through, I should say. There were plans in the Soviet Union in the 1920s to introduce latinize Korean, and it's fascinating to think what the result would have been like if they had gone through with them. I can't imagine reading in Korean in anything other than the Korean script give or take a few Hanja (Chinese characters).

I would love to contribute an additional language, but I'm all out, I'm afraid. I also speak some Swedish and French, but those have already been covered. I'm not a linguist, though I am deeply interested in different languages; I lived in several different countries growing up. Since you're interested, my exposure to Swahili was from when I lived in Kenya for two years. Maybe one day I'll design my long overdue Kenya-inspired typeface...

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Thanks for answering my questions!

Do you have any insight into what is the Korean type market like?

Have you designed any Korean fonts? Roman ones?

I lived in Tanzania for 3 years as a kid. It was great. I lived near the beach north of Dar es Salaam for a year and in a concrete house for rest of the time - south west of Dar I think. How old were you in Kenya?

Now I am wondering how best to fill out the missing languages. Probably I should take the ones we have & give them a home. Then maybe we will get the rest of them taken care of.

For some reason I thought that Malaysian & Indonesian used their own scripts and that Roman glyphs would be used in a way more similar to Korean. Can you tell me more about that? It's cool to hear the name for chinese glyphs in Korean. :-)

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As for the missing languages, I'm sure there are on-line word lists or dictionaries that we could cull the right words from. It would be time-consuming to be sure, but the programmers among us can maybe help automate the process. Volunteers?

I only have an amateur's general insight into the Korean font scene, but I can tell you it has witness a boom in recent years. Because of the amount of work needed to produce a hangul font, decent ones are still hard to come by, but there have been some really impressive designs. To mention just one development, Hankyoreh, a daily newspaper, introduced a revolutionary news text face with its redesign in 2005--it abandons the traditional scheme of fitting the glyphs into squarish blocks.

I have not yet designed a full Korean font though I've drawn some glyphs. It's too much work. I've designed full sets of Roman glyphs (as well as basic Cyrillic and Greek ones), but they're still works in progress. Maybe I'll let the see some light in the Critique forum soon..

I have zero background on the Malay and Indonesian languages, but Wikipedia tells me various scripts have been used historically--a modified Arabic script called Jawi which is still in limited use, and before that, Pallava, Kawi and Rencong script. We have Western colonization to thank for the Latin script.

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We may be getting an Icelandic entry soon. :-)

I think it is nearly time for the compiled list to be made. I had been asuming that the list authors would want credit. Does anybody *not* want credit in the document?

Where do you want the document to be available to you? If nobody objects I think I might put the document on a small 'type help' site along with other text files meant to help testing fonts. I should also see if typophile or other sites will be willing to serve the document as well.

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Eben, I just altered the Finnish a bit. I had forgotten about the wonderful double-h hihhuli...

Any other Finnish changes are of course welcome!

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Sorry if this sounds regionalist or something but , do you have any idea who we might ask for the Danish or the Norweigian?

The way I got someone to do the Icelandic is I went to Luc Devroy's pages and found and Icelandic type maker. I could do the same for other languages.

I can keep doing that for the missing languages - But if one of us has a friend... ;-)

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I'm surprised nobody has done Latin yet; perhaps there's a shortage of native speakers here :) Rather than wait for a native speaker to show up, I threw this list together. Some notes: in ancient Latin lettering, there is no J or W and U is the same letter as V. In modern publications, a distinction between U (vowel) and V (consonant) is often made, and in some modern publications, mostly older ones, a similar distinction is made between I (vowel) and J (consonant). Because the latter is mostly obsolete (more so than the Latin language in general), I have used the modern U/V distinction throughout but only used the modern I/J distinction for the J entries. Any U/V letter could potentially be set as either U or V, though. The letter K is not normally used in modern Latin except for a couple of special words, but it was sometimes used more in ancient Latin instead of C at the beginning of a word when followed by A. The letter W doesn't exist at all in Latin (though, just to confuse matters, that's how the V sound was pronounced before the first century AD). For letters that can't be doubled, I've included an example of single occurrence in the middle of a word.

Diacritics are mostly not used, but in textbooks or dictionaries, A E I O U and rarely Y can have a macron or (less often used) a breve. In transcriptions of ancient inscriptions, A E O or U can have an apex (looks like an acute accent) and I can either have an apex or be taller than the other letters.

Edit: I've changed all U's in the all caps words to V's. This is because lower-case or mixed-case setting of Latin normally occurs in texts where U and V are usually differentiated by modern editors, whereas all cap setting is normally either copying inscriptions or pseudo-inscriptional and thus is more likely to follow ancient practice in not making the U/V distinction. I also added the missing forms of chely.

ars, Ars, ARS
phraates, Phraates, PHRAATES [loan words only]
naufragia, Naufragia, NAVFRAGIA

buxus, Buxus, BVXVS
subbrevis, Subbrevis, SVBBREVIS
ab, Ab, AB

cattus, Cattus, CATTVS
vacca, Vacca, VACCA
hoc, Hoc, HOC

damnatio, Damnatio, DAMNATIO
meddix, Meddix, MEDDIX
aliquid, Aliquid, ALIQVID

eructamus, Eructamus, ERVCTAMVS
praeemptor, Praeemptor, PRAEEMPTOR
rete, Rete, RETE

faenerator, Faenerator, FAENERATOR
officina, Officina, OFFICINA
[none except in abbreviations]

glis, Glis, GLIS
agger, Agger, AGGER
magog, Magog, MAGOG [loan words only]

haruspex, Haruspex, HARVSPEX
traho, Traho, TRAHO [can't be doubled]
ioseph, Ioseph, IOSEPH [loan words only]

ibidem, Ibidem, IBIDEM
piissimus, Piissimus, PIISSIMVS
latrunculi, Latrunculi, LATRVNCULI

J* [see explanation above]
janus, Janus, IANVS [or JANUS]
major, Major, MAJOR [can't be doubled]
[none except in obsolete late medieval or early modern spellings]

K [can only occur at the beginning of a word before the letter A]
kalendas, Kalendas, KALENDAS

laena, Laena, LAENA
caballus, Caballus, CABALLVS
nihil, Nihil, NIHIL

mel, Mel, MEL
commodus, Commodus, COMMODVS
enim, Enim, ENIM

natalicia, Natalicia, NATALICIA
penna, Penna, PENNA
pan, Pan, PAN

opusculum, Opusculum, OPVSCVLVM
laocoon, Laocoon, LAOCOON [loan words only]
mango, Mango, MANGO

perna, Perna, PERNA
appius, Appius, APPIVS
[none except in abbreviations]

quingenaria, Quingenaria, QVINGENARIA
atque, Atque, ATQVE [can't be doubled]
[none except in abbreviations]

rabidus, Rabidus, RABIDVS
terror, Terror, TERROR
per, Per, PER

sic, Sic, SIC
passus, Passus, PASSVS
nummularius, Nummularius, NVMMVLARIVS

transpadani, Transpadani, TRANSPADANI
battuere, Battuere, BATTVERE
et, Et, ET

U* [see explanation above]
usucapio, Usucapio, VSVCAPIO [or USUCAPIO]
duumvir, Duumvir, DVVMVIR [or DUUMVIR]
cornu, Cornu, CORNV [or CORNU]

V* [see explanation above]
volturnalia, Volturnalia, VOLTVRNALIA
avis, Avis, AVIS [can't be doubled in standard spelling except when using V for both V and U]
[none except when using V for both V and U]

xiphias, Xiphias, XIPHIAS [loan words only]
axis, Axis, AXIS [can't be doubled]
rex, Rex, REX

[none in standard spelling but possible in nonstandard spellings of loan words]
hypocaustum, Hypocaustum, HYPOCAVSTVM [loan words only; can't be doubled]
chely, Chely, CHELY [only in rare loan words in the vocative case]

zodiacus, Zodiacus, ZODIACVS [loan words only]
rhazes, Rhazes, RHAZES [loan words only; can't be doubled]

There are also assorted language-specific typographic arcana like the Claudian letters (an abortive attempt to add three letters to the alphabet) and various symbols used as abbreviations that are mainly of importance for transcribing ancient inscriptions.

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How silly of me not to have requested - Latin. I guess I thought that the number of people who know let alone publish in latin would be too small to hope for something like this. But I am extremely happy to see it! Will you tell us about your relationship to Latin and about publications that are in Latin? Supposedly Latin forms actually look their best in Latin. I think I can see that now.

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Will you tell us about your relationship to Latin and about publications that are in Latin?

I'm not fluent in the way that a classical literature person would be, but I can read Latin partly because of a few years of it in school and partly because I do Roman archaeology. In publishing, I've never done a whole book in Latin, but plenty of short phrases or sentences show up in lots of kinds of books: it's unavoidable in classics or medieval history or art history, of course, and you also find a bit in other areas like law or medicine, for example.

I probably should have done the all caps words using V for U (HYPOCAVSTVM, for example), but I was afraid that switching the spelling like that would confuse matters.

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Cool! Thanks for the explanation. What do you think about listing it as V/U* ?

Then we can put your explanation after the asterix.

Is that good? Or do you want to switch to the V?

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Or do you want to switch to the V?

I've edited it to a mixed solution, to match the inconsistent ways that Latin is most often typeset.

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Sorry, Eben, but I don't know any Danes or Norwegians :^(
They live too far...

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Danish to the rescue:

alfarvej, Alfarvej, ALFARVEJ
ostemad, Ostemad, OSTEMAD
harmonika, Harmonika, HARMONIKA

bistå, Bistå, BISTÅ
prydbusk, Prydbusk, PRYDBUSK
admiralstab, Admiralstab, ADMIRALSTAB

ciselør. Ciselør, CISELØR
afdelingschef, Afdelingschef, AFDELINGSCHEF

dille, Dille, DILLE
overdel, Overdel, OVERDEL
hoved, Hoved, HOVED

efter, Efter, EFTER
syngespil, Syngespil, SYNGESPIL
mange, Mange, MANGE

forbigået, Forbigået, FORBIGÅET
morgenfrisk, Morgenfrisk, MORGENFRISK
bødestraf, Bødestraf, BØDESTRAF

gylle, Gylle, GYLLE
eftergjort, Eftergjort, EFTERGJORT
forretning, Forretning, FORRETNING

halløj, Halløj, HALLØJ
halshugning, Halshugning, HALSHUGNING
kaffepunch, Kaffepunch, KAFFEPUNCH

istid, Istid, ISTID
udspillet, Udspillet, UDSPILLET
afgudsdyrkeri, Afgudsdyrkeri, AFGUDSDYRKERI

jættestue, Jættestue, JÆTTESTUE
afgjort, Afgjort, AFGJORT
gravhøj, Gravhøj, GRAVHØJ

klister, Klister, KLISTER
stikker, Stikker, STIKKER
anklagebænk, Anklagebænk, ANKLAGEBÆNK

listesko, Listesko, LISTESKO
gennemlysning, Gennemlysning, GENNEMLYSNING
gammel, Gammel, GAMMEL

mågehøg, Mågehøg, MÅGEHØG
dumsmart, Dumsmart, DUMSMART
alderdomshjem, Alderdomshjem, ALDERDOMSHJEM

nyhed, Nyhed, NYHED
åbenbaring, Åbenbaring, ÅBENBARING
fjernsyn, Fjernsyn, FJERNSYN

ovengaden, Ovengaden, OVENGADEN
alvorsord, Alvorsord, ALVORSORD
anløbsbro, Anløbsbro, ANLØBSBRO

præst, Præst, PRÆST
stoppe, Stoppe, STOPPE
svamp, Svamp, SVAMP

qvinde, Qvinde, QVINDE (archaic form of 'Kvinde')

røver, Røver, RØVER
nedløbsrør, Nedløbsrør, NEDLØBSRØR
mangler, Mangler, MANGLER

solskin, Solskin, SOLSKIN
afsæt, Afsæt, AFSÆT
åndeløs, Åndeløs, ÅNDELØS

tæskehold, Tæskehold, TÆSKEHOLD
åbningstale, Åbningstale, ÅBNINGSTALE
flot, Flot, FLOT

under, Under, UNDER
roekule, Roekule, ROEKULE
nu, Nu, NU

vejret, Vejret, VEJRET
påvist, Påvist, PÅVIST
gulv, Gulv, GULV

wienerbrød, Wienerbrød, WIENERBRØD
trawl, Trawl, TRAWL
oddfellow, Oddfellow, ODDFELLOW

xylografere, Xylografere, XYLOGRAFERE
taxa, Taxa, TAXA
sphinx, Sphinx, SPHINX

yver, Yver, YVER
afbryde, Afbryde, AFBRYDE
havneby, Havneby, HAVNEBY

zinksalve, Zinksalve, ZINKSALVE
Forzinkning, Forzinkning, forzinkning
trapez, Trapez, TRAPEZ

æblehøst, Æblehøst, ÆBLEHØST
trækfugl, trækfugl, TRÆKFUGL
asketræ, Asketræ, ASKETRÆ

ødselhed, Ødselhed, ØDSELHED
morgengrøde, Morgengrøde, MORGENGRØDE
blomsterfrø, Blomsterfrø, BLOMSTERFRØ

åkande, Åkande, ÅKANDE
automatvåben, Automatvåben, AUTOMATVÅBEN
mørkegrå, Mørkegrå, MØRKEGRÅ

Now who will compile a nice file converted into the Fontlab format?

kind regards,
Claus Eggers Sørensen

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Hooray! Thank you Claus!

Now who will compile a nice file converted into the Fontlab format?

I mean to make a unicode text file to make it easy to test a font with all of these glyphs. It will have the other languages here too - and other too as soon as they arrive.

Do you mean a Fontlab file with *just* the glyphs needed for Danish?

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I mean a file that can be loaded into Fontlab's metrics window, and where all the special characters are in the /oslash format. I suspect that someone has a Python script laying around for just this purpose? By the way, I forgot a word that ends on 'u', and that would be 'nu', so I have added it to my original post.

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I remember asking about that before. It would go 'r/oslash' etc. I see... And you are right - there might be a python based way of handeling such things.

I have another project that might be better suied to your request. It's called - 'brute force testing'. It's also incomplete but I could make a version of it for you where the 'ø' is seplaced by /oslash etc. It would be a simple search replace string that even I could do.

Maybe you will like what is there and/or can adapt it yourself. Please feel free to use it.

Or maybe I am off on the wrong foot. Pleae let me know. Anyway, it is here:

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Here is the icelandic list:
I tried to choose challanging words in a typographic sense, such as "umhyggju" (e. Care) which is quite difficult (esp in script fonts) because of all the descenders.

afl, Afl, AFL
einkaaðili, Einkaaðili, EINKAAÐILI
anda, Anda, ANDA

ástfanginn, Ástfanginn, ÁSTFANGINN
sjáaldur, Sjáaldur, SJÁALDUR
víðsjá, Víðsjá, VÍÐSJÁ

beinlínis, Beinlínis, BEINLÍNIS
abbast, Abbast, ABBAST
gabb, Gabb, GABB


drengur, Drengur, DRENGUR
hlýddi, Hlýddi, HLÝDDI
útlönd, Útlönd, ÚTLÖND

ð- - N/A
ðð - N/A
orðatiltækið, Orðatiltækið, ORÐATILTÆKIÐ

eðlisfræði, Eðlisfræði, EÐLISFRÆÐI
ee - N/A
jurtate, Jurtate, JURTATE

éljagangur, Éljagangur, ÉLJAGANGUR
éé - N/A
hlé, Hlé, HLÉ

framkvæmd, Framkvæmd, FRAMKVÆMD
gaffall, Gaffall, GAFFALL
gróf, Gróf, GRÓF

gjörningur, Gjörningur, GJÖRNINGUR
byggja, Byggja, BYGGJA
þvag, Þvag, ÞVAG

háleitur, Háleitur, HÁLEITUR
hh - N/A
-h - N/A

innilokaður, Innilokaður, INNILOKAÐUR
birkiilmur, Birkiilmur, BIRKIILMUR
skilji, Skilji, SKILJI

ígulker, Ígulker, ÍGULKER
íí - N/A
því, Því, ÞVÍ

jafnrétti, Jafnrétti, JAFNRÉTTI
jj - N/A
-j - N/A

kjarnyrtur, Kjarnyrtur, KJARNYRTUR
samþykkja, Samþykkja, SAMÞYKKJA
mark, Mark, MARK

lamaður, Lamaður, LAMAÐUR
ellilífeyrisþegi, Ellilífeyrisþegi, ELLILÍFEYRISÞEGI
hlátrasköll, Hlátrasköll, HLÁTRASKÖLL

málstaður, Málstaður, MÁLSTAÐUR
sammála, Sammála, SAMMÁLA
mánuðum, Mánuðum, MÁNUÐUM

nákvæmur, Nákvæmur, NÁKVÆMUR
hannyrðir, Hannyrðir, HANNYRÐIR
bann, Bann, BANN

ofbeldi, Ofbeldi, OFBELDI
oo - N/A
svo, Svo, SVO

óskhyggja, Óskhyggja, ÓSKHYGGJA
-óó N/A / but close: skósóli, Skósóli, SKÓSÓLI
berjamó, Berjamó, BERJAMÓ

prakkari, Prakkari, PRAKKARI
peppa, Peppa, PEPPA
kjaftstopp, Kjaftstopp, KJAFTSTOPP


ríkisstjórn, Ríkisstjórn, RÍKISSTJÓRN
kyrrð, Kyrrð, KYRRÐ
brjálaður, Brjálaður, BRJÁLAÐUR

sambýli, Sambýli, SAMBÝLI
rassskella, Rassskella, RASSSKELLA
annars, Annars, ANNARS

tölvuþrjótur, Tölvuþrjótur, TÖLVUÞRJÓTUR
sáttatillaga, Sáttatillaga, SÁTTATILLAGA
eðlilegt, Eðlilegt, EÐLILEGT

upplýsingatækni, Upplýsingatækni, UPPLÝSINGATÆKNI
hænuungi, Hænuungi, HÆNUUNGI
umhyggju, Umhyggju, UMHYGGJU

útivistarfólk, Útivistarfólk, ÚTIVISTARFÓLK
úú - N/A
þú, Þú, ÞÚ

vandræði, Vandræði, VANDRÆÐI
vv - N/A
-v - N/A

x- - N/A
xx - N/A
strax, Strax, STRAX

yndisfríð, Yndisfríð, YNDISFRÍÐ
yy - N/A
yngismey, Yngismey, YNGISMEY

ýmislegt, Ýmislegt, ÝMISLEGT
ýý - N/A
þrumuský, Þrumuský, ÞRUMUSKÝ

z- - N/A
zz - N/A (even though "mezzoforte" was an icelandic band, the word doesn't exist in icelandic)
stanz, Stanz, STANZ (the letter z was removed from the language in 1974, but the concervative newspaper Morgunblaðið still hangs on to it)

þangað, Þangað, ÞANGAÐ
þþ - N/A
-þ - N/A

æðislegur, Æðislegur, ÆÐISLEGUR
hrææta, Hrææta, HRÆÆTA
útsæ, Útsæ, ÚTSÆ

öryrki, Öryrki, ÖRYRKI
öö - N/A
sjö, Sjö, SJÖ

- - -
best regards,
Dagny Reykjalin

ebensorkin's picture

I tried to choose challanging words in a typographic sense, such as “umhyggju” (e. Care) which is quite difficult (esp in script fonts) because of all the descenders.

Dagny, thank you for your excellent work!

By the end of the month I will have compiled what we have. I will also be working on finding a home for this material so it's easy to find.

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Here's the Hungarian list. I hope it'll help.

aA: alma Alma ALMA macskaalom Macskaalom MACSKAALOM kutya Kutya KUTYA
áÁ: áram Áram ÁRAM alááll Alááll ALÁÁLL naná Naná NANÁ
bB: bocsánat Bocsánat BOCSÁNAT ebbe Ebbe EBBE bab Bab BAB
cC: cumi Cumi CUMI heccel Heccel HECCEL kudarc Kudarc KUDARC
csCs: csali Csali CSALI fröccsöl Fröccsöl FRÖCCSÖL kalács Kalács KALÁCS
dD: darál Darál DARÁL feddés Feddés FEDDÉS kaland Kaland KALAND
eE: eszik Eszik ESZIK beleenged Beleenged BELEENGED kéne Kéne KÉNE
éÉ: érint Érint ÉRINT eléér Eléér ELÉÉR övé Övé ÖVÉ
fF: fa Fa FA koffer Koffer KOFFER széf Széf SZÉF
gG: galamb Galamb GALAMB aggastyán Aggastyán AGGASTYÁN megég Megég MEGÉG
hH: hézag Hézag HÉZAG ehhez Ehhez EHHEZ méh Méh MÉH
iI: rat Irat IRAT hadiirat Hadiirat HADIIRAT hazai Hazai HAZAI
íÍ: ínség Ínség ÍNSÉG -- -- -- rí Rí RÍ
jJ: járás Járás JÁRÁS ujjak Ujjak UJJAK elektronhéj Elektronhéj ELEKTRONHÉJ
kK: kötőtű Kötőtű KÖTŐTŰ akkoriban Akkoriban AKKORIBAN emlék Emlék EMLÉK
lL: lépés Lépés LÉPÉS ellik Ellik ELLIK felkel Felkel FELKEL
lyLy: lyukas Lyukas LYUKAS gallyak Gallyak GALLYAK mély Mély MÉLY
mM: málna Málna MÁLNA szemmel Szemmel SZEMMEL szemérem Szemérem SZEMÉREM
nN: nem Nem NEM ennem Ennem ENNEM hamarosan Hamarosan HAMAROSAN
nyNy: nyugtat Nyugtat NYUGTAT ennyi Ennyi ENNYI kemény Kemény KEMÉNY
oO: oszt Oszt OSZT kooperál Kooperál KOOPERÁL -- -- --
óÓ: óra Óra ÓRA forrasztóón Forrasztóón FORRASZTÓÓN adó Adó ADÓ
öÖ: öröm Öröm ÖRÖM -- -- -- -- -- --
őŐ: őröl Őröl ŐRÖL vámszedőőr Vámszedőőr VÁMSZEDŐŐR kendő Kendő KENDŐ
pP: papa Papa PAPA éppen Éppen ÉPPEN pap Pap PAP
qQ: quartett Quartett QUARTETT -- -- -- -- -- --
rR: rákos Rákos RÁKOS arra Arra ARRA kalmár Kalmár KALMÁR
sS: salak Salak SALAK sassal Sassal SASSAL híres Híres HÍRES
szSz: szabad Szabad SZABAD asszony Asszony ASSZONY kamasz Kamasz KAMASZ
tT: tanya Tanya TANYA kettő Kettő KETTŐ ugat Ugat UGAT
tyTy: tyúk Tyúk TYÚK hattyú Hattyú HATTYÚ kamaty Kamaty KAMATY
uU: uram Uram URAM kamuutak Kamuutak KAMUUTAK adu Adu ADU
úÚ: úr Úr ÚR hattyúúr Hattyúúr HATTYÚÚR nyomorú Nyomorú NYOMORÚ
üÜ: ütem Ütem ÜTEM süsüütés Süsüütés SÜSÜÜTÉS menü Menü MENÜ
űŰ: űr Űr ŰR tetűűzés Tetűűzés TETŰŰZÉS tetű Tetű TETŰ
vV: vadász Vadász VADÁSZ avval Avval AVVAL hév Hév HÉV
wW: Weöres WEÖRES -- -- -- -- -- --
xX: Xénia XÉNIA -- -- -- Sztüx SZTÜX
yY: Yvette YVETTE -- -- -- Tolnay TOLNAY
zZ: zarándok Zarándok ZARÁNDOK kézzel Kézzel KÉZZEL ház Ház HÁZ
zsZs: zsarnok Zsarnok ZSARNOK rizzsel Rizzsel RIZZSEL bézs Bézs BÉZS

ebensorkin's picture

Ack! I am red faced. I was supposed to compile what we have. I will soon. I promise.

Szabadkai; Thank you!

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There are two more letters I forgot to add to my list...
dzDz: -- -- -- eddzél Eddzél EDDZÉL edz Edz EDZ
dzsDzs: dzsóker Dzsóker DZSÓKER -- -- -- -- -- --

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Very Cool. I will be sure to include them.

bencibu's picture

I'm sorry...
It's just so awkward but I left one more letter out:S
gyGy: gyár Gyár GYÁR varanggyal Varanggyal VARANGGYAL vagy Vagy VAGY
And this time I looked through the whole alphabet and fortunately it's complete. You know I was just very confused cause it's ennormously long.

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Slovenian language (Slovenščina)

I guess Slovenian is still missing. It's very very rare to find words with two consecutive letters of the same kind. I tried to include these in the list and I think I didn't miss any. At least not as normal words.

aranžer, Aranžer, ARANŽER
ščinkavec, Ščinkavec, ŠČINKAVEC
marmelada, Marmelada, MARMELADA

beton, Beton, BETON
nebo, Nebo, NEBO
golob, Golob, GOLOB

cilj, Cilj, CILJ
generacija, Generacija, GENERACIJA
škric, Škric, ŠKRIC

čevapčič, Čevapčič, ČEVAPČIČ
tačka, Tačka, TAČKA
škripač, Škripač, ŠKRIPAČ

delo, Delo, DELO
oddrdrati, Oddrdrati, ODDRDRATI
dvored, Dvored, DVORED

edinstven, Edinstven, EDINSTVEN
neenoten, Neenoten, NEENOTEN
ščemenje, Ščemenje, ŠČEMENJE

frača, Frača, FRAČA
kamuflaža, Kamuflaža, KAMUFLAŽA
fotograf, Fotograf, FOTOGRAF

garaža, Garaža, GARAŽA
kraguljček, Kraguljček, KRAGULJČEK
psiholog, Psiholog, PSIHOLOG

hiša, Hiša, HIŠA
muholovec, Muholovec, MUHOLOVEC
oderuh, Oderuh, ODERUH

iskalnik, Iskalnik, ISKALNIK
priimek, Priimek, PRIIMEK
žeti, Žeti, ŽETI

janež, Janež, JANEŽ
piljenje, Piljenje, PILJENJE
čevelj, Čevelj, ČEVELJ

kajža, Kajža, KAJŽA
karikatura, Karikatura, KARIKATURA
porok, Porok, POROK

lipicanec, Lipicanec, LIPICANEC
polič, Polič, POLIČ
naval, Naval, NAVAL

mladenič, Mladenič, MLADENIČ
rimljan, Rimljan, RIMLJAN
glavkom, Glavkom, GLAVKOM

nudelj, Nudelj, NUDELJ
ženska, Ženska, ŽENSKA
šifon, Šifon, ŠIFON

obrtnik, Obrtnik, OBRTNIK
stoodstoten, Stoodstoten, STOODSTOTEN
lepotilo, Lepotilo, LEPOTILO

pašnik, Pašnik, PAŠNIK
šepet, Šepet, ŠEPET
konop, Konop, KONOP

rjuha, Rjuha, RJUHA
čvrst, Čvrst, ČVRST
komar, Komar, KOMAR

sadje, Sadje, SADJE
posoda, Posoda, POSODA
zanos, Zanos, ZANOS

šebesa, Šebesa, ŠEBESA
kašelj, Kašelj, KAŠELJ
bombaš, Bombaš, BOMBAŠ

tečaj, Tečaj, TEČAJ,
motovilež, Motovilež, MOTOVILEŽ
krepost, Krepost, KREPOST

učenje, Učenje, UČENJE
poučno, Poučno, POUČNO
kanu, Kanu, KANU

višnja, Višnja, VIŠNJA
krvav, Krvav, KRVAV
češnjev, Češnjev, ČEŠNJEV

zelje, Zelje, ZELJE
gozdar, Gozdar, GOZDAR
namaz, Namaz, NAMAZ

žičnica, Žičnica, ŽIČNICA
možakar, Možakar, MOŽAKAR
srečnež, Srečnež, SREČNEŽ

Great project. Very usable stuff. I would like to see the end result of this project as a PDF file with all language words.

ebensorkin's picture

I could make it a PDF file but I was thinking an Opentype compatible pure text file might be better from a font testing point of view. It would be easy to past into indesign or wherever. Maybe I am not understanding something about PDF. If I understand it I have a better chance of making the kind of document you want. So: Why PDF?

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Oh! And thank you Robert!

litera's picture

Sorry you're right. A plain text file would probably be much better in Unicode format. You could paste it anywhere you'd like.

BUT. A PDF could be very usable. If you'd layout all these (one language per page for instance) using some perfectly complete font, there would be no problem on any platform to see how it should look like. Because If you'd be opening a text file and displaying with incorrect font, you wouldn't see those texts.

So for usability purposes both would serve all purposes. Text file to lay out your own font (or any other) and PDF as a reference.

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VERY well put. I will do just that. Thanks!

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(From Mili)

ahven, Ahven, AHVEN
maalaaja, Maalaaja, MAALAAJA
kukka, Kukka, KUKKA
blini, Blini, BLINI
abba, Abba, ABBA
celcius, Celcius, CELCIUS
derivaatta, Derivaatta, DERIVAATTA
etätyö, Etätyö, ETÄTYÖ
teepannu, Teepannu, TEEPANNU
kalle, Kalle, KALLE
foliorulla, Foliorulla, FOLIORULLA
puffi, Puffi, PUFFI
sinebrychoff, Sinebrychoff, SINEBRYCHOFF
grilli, Grilli, GRILLI
aggressiivinen, Aggressiivinen, AGGRESSIIVINEN
häntä, Häntä, HÄNTÄ
hihhuli Hihhuli HIHHULI
pöh, Pöh, PÖH
iilimato, Iilimato, IILIMATO
piimä, Piimä, PIIMÄ
talvikki, Talvikki, TALVIKKI
jalopeura, Jalopeura, JALOPEURA
kaija, Kaija, KAIJA
kuorma-auto, Kuorma-auto, KUORMA-AUTO
pakkanen, Pakkanen, PAKKANEN
lainelauta, Lainelauta, LAINELAUTA
mollukka, Molukka, MOLLUKKA
sammal, Sammal, SAMMAL
märehtijä, Märehtijä, MÄREHTIJÄ
mämmi, Mämmi, MÄMMI
nenäliina, Nenäliina, NENÄLIINA
pannukakku, Pannukakku, PANNUKAKKU
pörriäinen, Pörriäinen, PÖRRIÄINEN
ohjauspyörä, Ohjauspyörä, OHJAUSPYÖRÄ
soosi, Soosi, SOOSI
valvomo, Valvomo, VALVOMO
pääministeri, Pääministeri, PÄÄMINISTERI
oppipoika, Oppipoika, OPPIPOIKA
raitiovaunu, Raitiovaunu, RAITIOVAUNU
parrasvalo, Parrasvalo, PARRASVALO
tytär, Tytär, TYTÄR
sammakko, Sammakko, SAMMAKKO
kassi, Kassi, KASSI
vatsakas, Vatsakas, VATSAKAS
tähtivyö, Tähtivyö, TÄHTIVYÖ
päättäjäiset, Päättäjäiset, PÄÄTTÄJÄISET
hölmöt, Hölmöt, HÖLMÖT
uimakoulu, Uimakoulu, UIMAKOULU
muuttua, Muuttua, MUUTTUA or kuu-uutinen, Kuu-uutinen, KUU-UUTINEN
almu, Almu, ALMU
vilkkuva, Vilkkuva, VILKKUVA
wirtanen, Wirtanen, WIRTANEN
yrjänä, Yrjänä, YRJÄNÄ
pyynikki, Pyynikki, PYYNIKKI
hyppy, Hyppy, HYPPY
zacharias, Zacharias, ZACHARIAS
åland, Åland, ÅLAND
äiti, Äiti, ÄITI
määkiä, Määkiä, MÄÄKIÄ
pähkinä, Pähkinä, PÄHKINÄ
öylätti, Öylätti, ÖYLÄTTI
töölö, Töölö, TÖÖLÖ
kylmiö, Kylmiö, KYLMIÖ

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Danish II, because more is more:

almisse, Almisse, ALMISSE
temaaften, Temaaften, TEMAAFTEN
endda, Endda, ENDDA

brændenælde, Brændenælde, BRÆNDENÆLDE
skrubbe, Skrubbe, SKRUBBE
sejlskib, Sejlskib, SEJLSKIB

cykel, Cykel, CYKEL
succes, Succes, SUCCES
avec, Avec, AVEC

drillepind, Drillepind, DRILLEPIND
væddemål, Væddemål, VÆDDEMÅL
husflid, Husflid, HUSFLID

enhjørning, Enhjørning, ENHJØRNING
ydeevne, Ydeevne, YDEEVNE
formue, Formue, FORMUE

flødeskum, Flødeskum, FLØDESKUM
skuffejern, Skuffejern, SKUFFEJERN
strejf, Strejf, STREJF

gnubbe, Gnubbe, GNUBBE
tiggergang, Tiggergang, TIGGERGANG
køjeseng, Køjeseng, KØJESENG

hjemve, Hjemve, HJEMVE
squash, Squash, SQUASH

inderlomme, Inderlomme, INDERLOMME
viis, Viis, VIIS
ismejeri, Ismejeri, ISMEJERI

jordemoder, Jordemoder, JORDEMODER
hajjæger, Hajjæger, HAJJÆGER
genvej, Genvej, GENVEJ

kvindelighed, Kvindelighed, KVINDELIGHED
gækkebrev, Gækkebrev, GÆKKEBREV
fræk, Fræk, FRÆK

lillefinger, Lillefinger, LILLEFINGER
halmballe, Halmballe, HALMBALLE
hvedemel, Hvedemel, HVEDEMEL

mimre, Mimre, MIMRE
fornemmelse, Fornemmelse, FORNEMMELSE
grim, Grim, GRIM

nedenunder, Nedenunder, NEDENUNDER
venner, Venner, VENNER
hvidvin, Hvidvin, HVIDVIN

orden, Orden, ORDEN
zoologisk, Zoologisk, ZOOLOGISK
nabo, Nabo, NABO

pjalt, Pjalt, PJALT
sjippetov, Sjippetov, SJIPPETOV
snurretop, Snurretop, SNURRETOP

quilte, Quilte, QUILTE

rulleskøjte, Rulleskøjte, RULLESKØJTE
tørrestativ, Tørrestativ, TØRRESTATIV
regnvejr, Regnvejr, REGNVEJR

skadestue, Skadestue, SKADESTUE
nasse, Nasse, NASSE
drivis, Drivis, DRIVIS

tidsel, Tidsel, TIDSEL
skvatte, Skvatte, SKVATTE
spjæt, Spjæt, SPJÆT

ugle, Ugle, UGLE
uundværlig, Uundværlig, UUNDVÆRLIG,
jomfru, Jomfru, JOMFRU

vindue, Vindue, VINDUE
halvvejs, Halvvejs, HALVVEJS
sjov, Sjov, SJOV

weltervægt, Weltervægt, WELTERVÆGT
show, Show, SHOW

Xenofobi, Xenofobi, XENOFOBI
grandprix, Grandprix, GRANDPRIX

yderst, Yderst, YDERST
daggry, Daggry, DAGGRY

zinktryk, Zinktryk, ZINKTRYK
quizzen, Quizzen, QUIZZEN
hetz, Hetz, HETZ

æggekage, Æggekage, ÆGGEKAGE
trææske, Trææske, TRÆÆSKE
danefæ, Danefæ, DANEFÆ

øllebrød, Øllebrød, ØLLEBRØD
søørred, Søørred, SØØRRED
ønskeø, Ønskeø, ØNSKEØ

årstid, Årstid, ÅRSTID
smååndsvag, Smååndsvag, SMÅÅNDSVAG
græsstrå, Græsstrå, GRÆSSTRÅ

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Thanks very much Elias! :-)

At some point ( soon) I will have to choose between examples for the danish to make an integrated document. Is there anything you want to say about the two sets? You can write to me directly ( via my profile) if you prefer it.

If I can get the French finished I think I will be ready to make a v.1 document.

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These are more or less finnish.




I thought ‘iloinen’ might be better than ‘iilimato’ because there’s a double-i word, too.

Elias's picture

You are welcome :)
Regarding the two lists: pick the words that fit your purpose best. In choosing, I would try to also include words with common pairs of letters like hj, hv, sj and sk. The only word I would not recommend from the first list is "quinde" since this is an outdated spelling and not kosher.
Danish and Norwegian spelling is very similar, but, if required, I can get you a Norwegian list as well. And, with a little more labour, also Faroese and Greenlandic if interested. Especially Greenlandic has a lot of dubble letters and might be interesting. Have a look at This page in Greenlandic, Danish and English.

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Hi. Do you have Norwegian yet? If not let me know; I'll try to make one over the weekend.

Elias's picture

Hi Endre. I started on a list of words in nynorsk, but I am sure that you can do a Norwegian list a lot better than me. I'll leave the Norwegian list(s?) to you then. Thanks.

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Here is a list of turkish words. There are some loan words, especially when it comes to double characters. Mostly they are from arabic and french. Critics & recommendations are welcome. Derya.

akar, Akar, AKAR
saat, Saat, SAAT
istifa, İstifa, İSTİFA

bahar, Bahar, BAHAR
kubbe, Kubbe, KUBBE
rab, Rab, RAB

caner, Caner, CANER
muaccel, Muaccel, MUACCEL
hac, Hac, HAC

çeviri, Çeviri, ÇEVİRİ
aççelerando, Aççelerando, AÇÇELERANDO
pabuç, Pabuç, PABUÇ

derya, Derya, DERYA ;-)
mugaddi, Mugaddi, MUGADDİ
ad, Ad, AD

efendi, Efendi, EFENDİ
teemmül, Teemmül, TEEMMÜL
eczane, Eczane, ECZANE

felsefe, Felsefe, FELSEFE
affı, Affı, AFFI
teklif, Teklif, TEKLİF

girişimcilik, Girişimcilik, GİRİŞİMCİLİK
dramaturg, Dramaturg, DRAMATURG

ğası, Ğası, ĞASI
tuğgeneral, Tuğgeneral, TUĞGENERAL
tığ, Tığ, TIĞ

heves, Heves, HEVES
taahhüt, Taahhüt, TAAHHÜT
mıh, Mıh, MIH

ırmak, Irmak, IRMAK
tatlı, Tatlı, TATLI

istikbal, İstikbal, İSTİKBAL
şiir, Şiir, ŞİİR
tilkilik, Tilkilik, TİLKİLİK

jaketatay, Jaketatay, JAKETATAY
sabotaj, Sabotaj, SABOTAJ

kestirme, Kestirme, KESTİRME
ayakkabıcı, Ayakkabıcı, AYAKKABICI
saçmalamak, Saçmalamak, SAÇMALAMAK

lıkır, Lıkır, LIKIR
kullanma, Kullanma, KULLANMA
ulusal, Ulusal, ULUSAL

maç, Maç, MAÇ
ummak, Ummak, UMMAK
devrim, Devrim, DEVRİM

nilüfer, Nilüfer, NİLÜFER
anne, Anne, ANNE
kurban, Kurban, KURBAN

odaklama, Odaklama, ODAKLAMA
kooperasyon, Kooperasyon, KOOPERASYON
homo, Homo, HOMO

öpüşmek, Öpüşmek, ÖPÜŞMEK

pulkanatlılar, Pulkanatlılar, PULKANATLILAR
cuppadak, Cuppadak, CUPPADAK
turp, Turp, TURP

rutubet, Rutubet, RUTUBET
cerrahlık, Cerrahlık, CERRAHLIK
kar, Kar, KAR

sivri, Sivri, SİVRİ
massetmek, Massetmek, MASSETMEK
ters, Ters, TERS

şebeke, Şebeke, ŞEBEKE
yüzüş, Yüzüş, YÜZÜŞ

takvim, Takvim, TAKVİM
kısalttırmak, Kısalttırmak, KISALTTIRMAK
kiremit, Kiremit, KİREMIT

urfa, Urfa, URFA
uğurlu, Uğurlu, UĞURLU

üstad, Üstad, ÜSTAD
ötürü, Ötürü, ÖTÜRÜ

vesile, Vesile, VESİLE
kuvvet, Kuvvet, KUVVET

yürek, Yürek, YÜREK
ayyar, Ayyar, AYYAR
kuzey, Kuzey, KUZEY

zevzeklik, Zevzeklik, ZEVZEKLİK
cüzzam, Cüzzam, CÜZZAM
arasöz, Arasöz, ARASÖZ

ebensorkin's picture

Endre: Yes, Please do.

Derya, Thank you!

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I have made a list of Norwegian words this week. However I see Endre has said he is working on it, so if that's still true I'll let him upload his list.
Endre: If you're not doing it, let me know and I'll publish mine instead.
(I should have mentioned it here first, but thought it would take shorter time than it took.)

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Here a sample for Lingala, spoken in both Congos. Nasalized consonants are often considered as single units. Tones are marked with acute for high, circumflex for dropping and antiflex for rising. I only included NFD’ed data. Mind the soft i and mark placement.

ababa Ababa ABABA
ádeké koyángana awá Ádeké Koyángana Awá ÁDEKÉ KOYÁNGANA AWÁ
wâná atâ Wâná Atâ WÂNÁ ATÂ
ǎkoloba bǎna mátǎ Ǎkoloba Bǎna Mátǎ ǍKOLOBA BǍNA MÁTǍ
báfu kobábola wɛ́bɛ Báfu Kobábola Wɛ́bɛ BÁFU KOBÁBOLA WƐ́BƐ
dalapó dɔndɔlɔ dipanda Dalapó Dɔndɔlɔ Dipanda DALAPÓ DƆNDƆLƆ DIPANDA Dzokanga DZOKANGA
ebale mobekisi bipale Ebale Mobekisi Bipale EBALE MOBEKISI BIPALE
éfilé ekelélá ebelé Éfilé Ekelélá Ebelé ÉFILÉ EKELÉLÁ EBELÉ
êná kokwêla ndê Êná Kokwêla Ndê ÊNÁ KOKWÊLA NDÊ
ěma liswěswě yě Ma Liswěswě Yě MA LISWĚSWĚ YĚ
ɛngɛ́bɛ́nɛ́ pɛtɛpɛtɛ Ɛngɛ́bɛ́nɛ́ Pɛtɛpɛtɛ ƐNGƐ́BƐ́NƐ́ PƐTƐPƐTƐ
ɛ́ɛ́ fɛ́lɔ mokɛ́ Ɛ́ɛ́ Fɛ́lɔ Mokɛ́ Ɛ́Ɛ́ FƐ́LƆ MOKƐ́
bɛ̂dɛ́ nyɛ̂ Bɛ̂dɛ́ Nyɛ̂ BƐ̂DƐ́ NYƐ̂
dɛ̌ Dɛ̌ DƐ̌
falíni fufú Falíni Fufú FALÍNI FUFÚ
gambala míngi ngáí Gambala Míngi Ngáí GAMBALA MÍNGI NGÁÍ
gbagba Gbagba GBAGBA
híhí hɛhɛ Híhí Hɛhɛ HÍHÍ HƐHƐ
iyo mobikisi Iyo Mobikisi IYO MOBIKISI
íngílí azalí Íngílí Azalí ÍNGÍLÍ AZALÍ
îná lîná dî Îná Lîná Dî ÎNÁ LÎNÁ DÎ
ǐmaki mǐso esǐ Ǐmaki Mǐso Esǐ ǏMAKI MǏSO ESǏ
jɔgɔ́ Jɔgɔ́ JƆGƆ́
káka angek Káka Angek KÁKA ANGEK
lángi bolingo Lángi Bolingo LÁNGI BOLINGO
mambí motéma Mambí Motéma MAMBÍ MOTÉMA
mbala nzámbe Mbala Nzámbe MBALA NZÁMBE
mpɔ̂ límpa Mpɔ̂ Límpa MPƆ̂ LÍMPA
naíno bínó Naíno Bínó NAÍNO BÍNÓ
ndáí mwǐnda Ndáí Mwǐnda NDÁÍ MWǏNDA
ngáí kolongwa Ngáí Kolongwa NGÁÍ KOLONGWA
engbunduka Engbunduka ENGBUNDUKA
nkanya likónko Nkanya Likónko NKANYA LIKÓNKO
nsaí nsé insɔ Nsaí Nsé Insɔ NSAÍ NSÉ INSƆ
ntéi esántu Ntéi Esántu NTÉI ESÁNTU
nzíké bonzói Nzíké Bonzói NZÍKÉ BONZÓI
ozalí moto bato Ozalí Moto Bato OZALÍ MOTO BATO
óyo lokóla likoló Óyo Lokóla Likoló ÓYO LOKÓLA LIKOLÓ
ôná môná sékô Ôná Môná Sékô ÔNÁ MÔNÁ SÉKÔ
lǒkya tǒ Lǒkya Tǒ LǑKYA TǑ
ɔkɔtɔ́bɛ zɛ́lɔ Ɔkɔtɔ́bɛ Zɛ́lɔ ƆKƆTƆ́BƐ ZƐ́LƆ
ɔ́tɔbísi mbɔ́tɛ mɔ̌kɔ́ Ɔ́tɔbísi Mbɔ́tɛ Mɔ̌kɔ́ Ɔ́TƆBÍSI MBƆ́TƐ MƆ̌KƆ́
sɔ̂lɔ́ mpɔ̂ Sɔ̂lɔ́ Mpɔ̂ SƆ̂LƆ́ MPƆ̂
mɔ̌kɔ́ Mɔ̌kɔ́ MƆ̌KƆ́
pɛ́mbɛ́ paipái Pɛ́mbɛ́ Paipái PƐ́MBƐ́ PAIPÁI
rúmba ré Rúmba Ré RÚMBA RÉ
sémbo koyébisa Sémbo Koyébisa SÉMBO KOYÉBISA
tɛ̂ batíndí Tɛ̂ Batíndí TƐ̂ BATÍNDÍ
ukarístiya báfu Ukarístiya Báfu UKARÍSTIYA BÁFU
úmá lisúsu bobandú Úmá Lisúsu Bobandú ÚMÁ LISÚSU BOBANDÚ
tûsé tû Tûsé Tû TÛSÉ TÛ
mǔlá edumǔ Mǔlá Edumǔ MǓLÁ EDUMǓ
víno kovánda Víno Kovánda
wápi Wápi WÁPI
yɔ̌ moyíbi Yɔ̌ Moyíbi YƆ̌ MOYÍBI
zambí nazalí kozwa Zambí Nazalí Kozwa ZAMBÍ NAZALÍ KOZWA

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Denis, Thank you very much!

I am really glad to have this new langauge in the group. But before I can use it I need to clarify something:I am seeing a bunch of 'boxes' between words. When I cut & paste into a text editor I see accents. So for instance I see:

ádeké koyángana awá Ádeké Koyángana Awá ÁDEKÉ ?

I am guessing what I am meant to see is:

ádeké koyángana awá Ádeké Koyángana Awá ÁDEKÉ KOYÁNGANA AWÁ ?

or even

ádeké Ádeké ÁDEKÉ

koyángana Koyángana KOYÁNGANA

awá Awá AWÁ

I have an idea that maybe formating from a word processor is interfering with the result I am seeing here on the web page. In any event I hope you can advise me.

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Here's a list of Norwegian words. Not complete as some combinations don't exist, at least I can't find all.

aske Aske ASKE
temaaften Temaaften TEMAAFTEN
stua Stua STUA

bedre Bedre BEDRE
abbor Abbor ABBOR
stab Stab STAB

cøliaki Cøliaki CØLIAKI

aerobic Aerobic AEROBIC

dronning Dronning DRONNING
addere Addere ADDERE
mord Mord MORD

enkelt Enkelt ENKELT
kjeet Kjeet KJEET
sortere Sortere SORTERE

frysepinne Frysepinne FRYSEPINNE
gaffel Gaffel GAFFEL
autograf Autograf AUTOGRAF

galskap Galskap GALSKAP
rugge Rugge RUGGE
tilbøyelig Tilbøyelig TILBØYELIG

hentesveis Hentesveis HENTESVEIS

kitsch Kitsch KITSCH

induksjon Induksjon INDUKSJON
aerologiinstitutt Aerologiinstitutt AEROLOGIINSTITUTT
geometri Geometri GEOMETRI

juletre Juletre JULETRE
hasjjag Hasjjag HASJJAG
marsj Marsj MARSJ

kransekake Kransekake KRANSEKAKE
spikke Spikke SPIKKE
sjark Sjark SJARK

lommevarm Lommevarm LOMMEVARM
skulle Skulle SKULLE
skal Skal SKAL

mastodont Mastodont MASTODONT
bomme Bomme BOMME
kam Kam KAM

nisse Nisse NISSE
mannen Mannen MANNEN
kran Kran KRAN

onomatopoetikon Onomatopoetikon ONOMATOPOETIKON
voodoo Voodoo VOODOO
gyro Gyro GYRO

panel Panel PANEL
rappe Rappe RAPPE
sup Sup SUP

quisling Quisling QUISLING

reinsdyr Reinsdyr REINSDYR
skurre Skurre SKURRE
transformator Transformator TRANSFORMATOR

slepetau Slepetau SLEPETAU
hisse Hisse HISSE
frekvens Frekvens FREKVENS

trafikant Trafikant TRAFIKANT
rettetast Rettetast RETTETAST
fort Fort FORT

underbukse Underbukse UNDERBUKSE

badstu Badstu BADSTU

vindeltrapp Vindeltrapp VINDELTRAPP
halvveis Halvveis HALVVEIS
brev Brev BREV

wire Wire WIRE

bungalow Bungalow BUNGALOW

xenofil Xenofil XENOFIL

respatex Respatex RESPATEX

yngst Yngst YNGST

sjy Sjy SJY

zebra Zebra ZEBRA
jazze Jazze JAZZE
hertz Hertz HERTZ

ære Ære ÆRE

træ Træ TRÆ

ønske Ønske ØNSKE
sjøørret Sjøørret SJØØRRET
drosjekø Drosjekø DROSJEKØ

årelate Årelate ÅRELATE

stå Stå STÅ

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Denis, Paul Hunt helped me get things sorted out. So no worries. Thanks again!

Jan, Thanks very much!

Now, if we could just get that list for French sorted out!

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Hi Eben. I just now realised that Typophile was back up. Also I see that you now have a Norwegian list from Regeneration. I'll see if I can find some of the words he was missing if indeed there are words with that combination. Great job so far. Can't wait to see the results;-)

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Thanks for having a second look at the Norwegian!

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