Winslow Mail nameplate

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hey folks! mass upheavals in the workplace yesterday but fortunately i still have a job. anyhow we're trying to redefine our image, if you want more history check out my thead here
Long story short, we're taking our nameplate back to the original it was in 1897, i digitized it and here's a comparison.

Comparison.PDF (117.2 k)

I hafta get the final version on our paper to go out on Monday, in the meantime i'd appreciate any criticism, written, visual or otherwise. I know i'm having issues with my spacing that I'm not quite sure how to resolve, if you see anything else, lemme know, BTW i like the lc w, so don't knock it!

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Just loosen the "he", and tighten the "lo" & Ma", and you're fine.


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The only thing that looks off to me is the ear on the top of the lowercase "w". :-)
From the original, it looks like the ear hits the vertical at an angle instead of curved like how you have it.

I can't tell from the original if it's like this, but you may want to round the ends of all of the skinny strokes.

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hey guys, thanks for your help
here's a revised version, did i fix the problems adequately?

WinslowMailHead2.PDF (81.4 k)

besides making those changes, i tamed the top of the verticals on the lc h and the 2 lc l's.
matt, do you think the skinny strokes need rounding at the end? i probably won't have time to do that for this week, but i may do that in the future.
Any other feedback? is the revival too bland? too strict? too dated? too anything? would love to hear back from you on this, soon if possible. thnx again for your help.

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Looking good. I don't think it's completely necessary to round the ends of the strokes.

The only thing that slightly bugs me is that there are some inconsistencies in the skinny stroke weights and the skinny strokes in general are a little bit too heavy.

Those aren't huge issues, but may be something to fix when you have time.

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Paul mechanicaly its sound but optically I would tighten up the il combination in Mail, just a drop it would improve the overall color. The two verticles next to one another tend to float.

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