InDesign Black Output on PDF Export

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So I've been trying to solve this problem for awhile now. I've searched through various forms, and everyone has the same few tips to offer, and of course none of them work.

Does anyone here have that problem? When outputing .pdf files black appears as a grey. It's driving me crazy. No matter how I adjust appearance of black settings or my rich black portions It still screws me every time. My recent hack has been to simply set all my blacks to "registration" but obviously that's not the right solution.

Am I missing something obvious? From what i've found from others, this is a big problem. I hope cs3 will fix this.

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Printing problem in Indesing CS4:
My black text turns out grey (dotted)

I read a lot about 'turn off' color management.
In this forum Thomas Phinney came up with:
"Note also: If you are having a problem with your black looking grey *in print*, in many workflows the best solution when making documents in InDesign is to go to Edit > Color Settings and under "Color Management Policies" set CMYK to "Preserve Numbers (Ignore Linked Profiles)". This essentially turns off color management for CMYK elements in the document, such as text."

But can't find the solution in my CS4 version of Indesign.

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If all your text is black you could check the option ‘Text as Black’ in the Print:Output window…

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I wish it was this simple...

Black text still appears dotted grey

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To change the Printer Profile navigate to Colour Management in the Print dialogue. It’s in the second box.
If this doesn’t work try printing your document in Proof-mode (same place, first box — check Proof).

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To save a PDF with Rich Text from InDesign go - Export/Save/Output -

Then Select:
Adobe PDF Preset: "[Smallest File Size]"
Destination: "Working RGB - Apple RGB"

Note this is NOT for printing rather for sending PDFs to clients for approval.

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I create a lot of documents that are used in both print and web. I create in AI CC CMYK. If I'm sending an item for print, I'll create the PDF and send it as an attachment.

But for web or email use, I use EXPORT (under file) on the existing AI CMYK document and then select JPEG (or whatever image type you want for web use) and set is RGB and maximum quality. When I send these to my clients, I always let them know one is for web (for embedding in emails, etc) and one is for print (pdf) and not to mix them up in those uses.

I have to say, most of the comments on this thread are awfully snarky. Those of you who know what you're doing could dial the arrogance down a tad and see if you can simply answer the effing question.


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FYI most of the comments in this discussion are 4 to 8 years old, and some of the posters aren't around anymore.

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