Hideously ugly? Kinda cool? Vaguely boring?

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Merely a concept sketch (currently two sliced fonts put together; the final would be a continuous and original whole) ... but what do you think?

Has this been done much before - half one style, half another? If so, can you recommend examples? Is this experimental or just stupid?

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Yup. The example I know of is Dead History by P. Scott Makela. I dont' know if I personally am a fan of the style, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't pursue it -- I'm sure that other people would have a use for it. As long as you follow through on making the letterforms smoother, I think you should be good to go. Now that I'm looking at yours, the effect is growing on me -- Dead History is a bit too out there for me, but yours has a more pleasing effect, even at this stage. Keep going.

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I think there is not much of a market for this kind of thing now. But if you are interested in doing it for it's own sake then by all means go on with it. I think there are more useful projects to do in order to learn about designing fonts - but to each his own.

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I'm inclined to suggest quartering your source fonts crosswise for some of the characters, rather than halving them horizontally as you have in your image posted above. It might make for more balanced contrast, or it might just make it look weirder. It could suggest solutions to the problem of the lower half dominating in letters with long decenders like the "g" and "y".

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CNN's The Situation Room has a logo like this currently. It goes with a lot of split screen stuff, so there is some visual logic to it in that context. But yeah, to me it is very 90's--and I didn't like it then :)

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Do you mean thick serifs on top and thinner ones on the bottom but with those rubbishy bits where the two styles meet in your sketch smoothed out? That would be more interesting than a Frankenstein monster face like Dead History but I still don't think I'd have much use for it.

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I vote for

"Hideously ugly and kinda boring"

Sorry mate! But if you like it finish it, and put it up on those freebie websites besuae someone might get a kick out of it!!


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Ha! There ya go, Muzz! 'Ppreciate your honesty.

No, thanks to all y'all for those thoughts. I hadn't been able to find a splitstyle typeface around, so I figured I'd ask here. I probably will keep polishing it and see where it goes. It might keep me out of the Pool Hall after school for a few weeks.

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this idea got done to death in the early to mid 90's. it was initially an idea p. scott came up with at cranbrook -- he did it by manually combining postscript files from a sans and a serif in a text editor, cut and paste until he got something that worked -- but then everyone and their mother copied the idea with varying degrees of success. usually, not so much.

there were about eight thousand variants for a while and wow was it tired by 1995.

my favorite take was patrick giasson's "the royal family." currently off the market, unfortunately.

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