Three-Dimensional Dice

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I'm developing an application that needs to display ordinary six-sided dice in a three-dimensional view. For technical reasons, implementing the dice graphics as glyphs in a font would be the most practical solution.

I'm currently using Linotype Game Pi as a placeholder in my application, but since I obviously can't distribute that font, I have to replace it with my own before I release the program.

Here's an image that shows what I've done so far:

And here's an image of the equivalent glyph in Linotype Game Pi (lowercase t) :

There is another font called Las Vegas that also contains three-dimensional dice glyphs, but I don't have it at my disposal.

The target platform for my application is low-resolution Windows Mobile devices; typical screen dimensions are 240×320, and high-end screen dimensions are 480×640. The dice occupy only a fraction of the screen, so I need my design to be attractive and legible at very low PPEM values.

I would be grateful for any comments and constructive criticism.

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Anyone? (I hope I posted this in the right subforum.)

I'm also working on an alternative version that's mostly the same but constructed by different means. I'm having a little trouble with it, but I might post it if I can whip it into shape.

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It looks good, and it's obviously much better than the Game Pi one. But if it's going to only be used at a specific small pixel size, there may be things you need to do to make it look best at that size. To get useful suggestions, show us what it would look like in the final product.

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