Selling a typeface as an Illustrator file

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If a typeface is very graphic/display or contains gradients or whatnot which only ai.- format allows, leaving kerning to the customer.... Some graphic vector elements are sold that way. Would it be a good idea for a typeface?

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If you mean for it to be used as a graphic then it's perfectly fine to sell it as an illustration. One example of which is the high rez scanned woodtype from

Letterror used to sell it's Federal typefaces as an illustrator file that you could typeset online. And soon House Industries will offer the same old-school technique made new with an online version of the Photo-Lettering catalog.

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Not sure if that could be called a typeface. It would definitely NOT be a font.

(Difference between "typeface" and "font":

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I can't imagine there would be a (big) market for typefaces in AI.-format, but if it's anything like Ken's links, I'd for one be a potential customer ;-)

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Emigre's Missionary shipped as EPS files—as well as a font—at the time when I licensed it. For some work this could be preferable.

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Ken, would you please point me to a source article about House putting the photo-lettering stuff online? I'd love to read more about it.

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You could search around for more but there was an article in the MAR/APR 2005 issue of Print Magazine.

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