Kerning Upper case with Lower Case and punctuation in Fontographer

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Hey All!

I need help with kerning upper and lower case type and punctuation I am designing with Fontographer.


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Make sure your uppercase and loiwercase are correctly spaced to start with. then simply go through the combination that need kerning and adjust them - Ta, Tc, Td, Te etc.


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should I be using the metric window then the apple-arrow key to move from one pair to the next. Or should I have created the pairs to begin with? sorry for going in circles.


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Richard, you might consider learning this stuff in FontLab instead.

The reason is that there is a considerable investment of time learning either program. If you already are comfortable in Fontographer, then there is less reason to switch. But if you have to learn a lot in either program, then it makes sense to me to start in FontLab, as it is the full featured program, and you are likely to have to end up using it anyway.

At any rate, that was my reasoning and what I have done.

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William and coop.

you rock...My font will work...thanks for the tip coop...lots to do but, thats all good. I am stuck with fontogapher for now, but knowing me I will get FontLab...

thanks for your feedback...enjoy


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Richard, you may want to copy and paste the useful lists on this thread and keep it in a text editing program. Then you can copy and paste into the metrics window of your chosen font editing program to save yourself a lot of time.

Nick Cooke

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holy COW...thanks...oh brother where for art thou...


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