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hi there,

i'm looking for a "good" sans family free font that license allows embedding. as far as i remembered bitstream's vera was a good choice, but when i try to embedd it (in adobe designer) it gives me the message that vera's font license does not allow embedding?!

i'm looking for at least 2 faces because i'm doing business forms design which need dynamic contents (pre-filled by the system and/or the user), so i need a least a regular and bold face :)

any further suggestion for an alternative to vera?

thanks: lars

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Pigiarniq from Tiro allows embedding. Its also very good too.

Mikey ;-)

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If you like Vera, try the Vera derivative DejaVu.

While Bitstream Vera Sans' Embedding field shows as blank for me, DejaVu Sans' Embedding field correctly shows as Installable embedding allowed.

The Bitstream Vera package contains 10 fonts, and has not been updated since 2003. The DejaVu package currently contains 21 fonts, and is updated every month.

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>i’m doing business forms design which need dynamic contents

That techncially narrows the choice to 'editable' or 'installable' embedding (Print and preview won't cut it), and perhaps is why you're having difficulty locating fonts. Having said that, if you find a free font you like, I can't see why the creator wouldn't be willing to set the font to editable if you were to ask - probably something they just overlooked.

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