CS2 and InDesign Tagged Text

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Need to know if anyone has experience importing XML into indesign CS 2. I'm getting an error.

I exported an InDesign Tagged Text, opened in BBEdit, did a GREP pattern Find/Replace, changing nothing else, and when I try to import it, this error appears.

Either this works, or I have to manually insert tabs at the beginning of almost 300 pages worth of numbered lists.


EDIT: IT is not xml, my bad, it's InDesign Tagged Text.

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What’s on line two?

I haven’t been able to make In Design and xml work just the way I want. This is an interesting subject.

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I recently had similar problems, and my solution was not to use Indesign (which makes my comment rather useless for you, I guess). Now I use a homegrown and probably more complicated workflow: XML with a simple DTD > XSLT > LaTeX. Takes more time to convert things, but at least I am now able to use it the way I want…

Back to topic: What exactly did you change in BBEdit? Might the cause of your problem also be an encoding issue or error in your grep replace pattern?

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Ok, i was just on the adobe site, and someone said InDesign Tagged Text IS NOT XML. SO. I messed up. It's not xml. Sorry. He said I have to place it and not import it, but that gives me different problems.

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Tagged Text is not XML. IDML and INX files (exported and imported by InDesign) are XML.

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