"Life is good" hand drawn looking font

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Does anybody know what font used for the "Life is good" line of clothing? Is it hand drawn?

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Life Is Good — a link for you.

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Hand rendered I reckon. Both the lowercase o's and i's are different. Unless it's a type that's been tinkered with.

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I'm pretty sure it's a font and I've seen it before but am drawing a blank right now.

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I agree it's hand rendered. I posted this a few weeks back but with no great leads. I have to recreate this.

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Consider FF Providence Roman or something from this list of hand lettered serifs.

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recreate the Bob's your uncle part which i'm pretty sure is a font. Notice the lowercase "o". The incosistencies come in with the "r"in relation to the "n"

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This topic has been discussed at our 'cousin' group of WTF Forum, over at MyFonts. They concluded that it was 'not a font' on the shirts (supposedly based on a statement from L.I.G. folks). However, I think the site that Conor linked shows that a similar styled font was generated to make the site captions.

I have no doubt it would be proprietary, since that is a big part of their brand 'look'.

- Mike Yanega

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