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Hello all,

Here goes...opions on if I should migrate to FontLab from Fontographer.


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From the Fontlab Ltd. perspective:

Fontographer is quite simple, easy to use for people who have learned it well, and very reliable (on Mac -- the Windows version did not age so well). However, the current version is a bit dated, produces poor-quality TrueType fonts and no OpenType fonts, so it's only good for making Western Type 1 fonts (but it is really very good at doing that).

FontLab Studio is more complex, a bit less reliable. Version 5 is also reasonable easy to use given its complexity. People who have taken the time to learn the switch from Fontographer to FontLab Studio can work in it as fast, or sometimes even faster. Currently, the great advantage of FontLab Studio is its user community: you will find many tips and tricks here on Typophile or on the FontLab forum, and most of the professional type designers use FontLab Studio. The Leslie Cabarga book combined with the official FontLab Studio manual give you quite good documentation. And of course, FontLab Studio allows you to produce not only Type 1 fonts, but industry-strong TrueType and OpenType fonts.

Fontlab Ltd. is working on new versions of both Fontographer and FontLab Studio, and I cannot at this point tell you much about them, other than that we intend to develop both lines of products.

If you compare Fontlab Ltd. applications to Apple's sound editing applications, then TypeTool is GarageBand, Fontographer is Logic Express and FontLab Studio is Logic Pro. Oh, and AsiaFont Studio is Logic Pro with all possible plugins ;)

Adam Twardoch
Fontlab Ltd.

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Thanks. I am doing well with fontographer. Creating my second type face. Have fixed the spacebar issue I had (with help from William in another forum here). I am doing well with my kerning pairs so far. Not sure when I will check out FontLab. But thanks so much for your help.


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OH we go again...things are going well with kerning pairs in fontographer.

Now I want to creating kerning with upper and lower case. It seems when I choose next character the program moves onto the next character inthe order not the next one to kern...

Is there a way to select all and create pairs automatically?


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