What is a better alternative tihs this?

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I'm desperately looking for an alternative to this (f)ugly face. The idea was something that could work with Meta (body copy), yet in a completely human, quirky, silly way. I dont want it to be overdone to the point where it starts conflicting with other elements on the page. Please help anyone. Thanks in advance


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What's the context?

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Oops sorry. Its for a corporate identity. But the "quirky" face is only going to be used for powerpoint presentations (to explain to clients in a softer, looser tone). And also used very minimally as callouts or quotes perhaps 2-3 sentences etc.

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Maybe something from FF Hands.

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How about http://www.1001fonts.com/font_details.html?font_id=2178 ?
(insert self-promotion disclaimer here)

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Felt tip?

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I forgot Calliope, my favorite legible-but-natural handwritten script.

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I should probably stop beating the House Industries drum, but they've got a ton of gorgeous quirky fonts, one of them has to be perfect for this sort of thing.

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Never stop beating that drum. House rocks.

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You might check out Lindsey Pro from Ascender. It is opentype and includes some alternates.

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Also check out Mark Simonson's several felt-tip faces ... All are quite good and have enough alternates to work in this type of use.

Mark van Bronkhorst's are very good too - he has several others besides Calliope.


jlt : http://www.hewnandhammered.com : rnrmf!

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FF Hands- too funky.
I second Linotype Feltip. Its neutral but it has personality. Ropsen is also close.
Lindsay Pro is well done however it may be too high contrast. It's probably hinted though.
Marydale, Bradley Hand, Lucida Casual, and even Chalkboard.

There are zillons of casual scripts out there... the tough part is finding the right one.

Mikey :-)

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Calliope (now in OpenType format) is now only 9.86 each weight and MVB introduced a new semi bold weight to the family as well.

Cheap and chic is trés magnifique!


Coles> I'm sure you already bought these? Favorite script on the fontshop.com site is Calliope- must be your handy work. :-)

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'tis. We'll have the OpenType's and Semibold soon.

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