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I am very new to designing typefaces. This is my first attempt. So please spare a couple of minutes to tell me how I can improve it and carry it forward. I was wondering if the letters 'v' and 'x' looked like they belonged to the family. Similarly I am not happy with the 's'. But please give me your views on it. Thank you!

Vinu Chaitanya
Graphic Design student

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Why not let two connectors narrow at the center of the x in the manner of the top of your b - for instance the lower right & upper left ones? Same thing for the join at the base of the v. It looks bloated so a slice out will make it better I think. Why not the right side? The l looks too narrow to me. Maybe it's just this rendering. To solve for the s - look around. This is not an uncommon kind of 1st font. One way to begin might be rounding those corners.

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The a looks unbalanced, especially next to the b. Perhaps if you don't round the base.

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