clifford ff

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Anyone any views on this face? Much praised.

It comes in 6,9,16

I presume that, for general text work around the 10-11pt size, the 9 would be the one to go for?

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Yes. The names are reminiscent of metal type sizes, but you don't have to take them literally. So Clifford 9 will work beautifully for text. Here's more on FF Clifford.

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Clifford *would* be fabulous if it were complete! I can't use any text family that lacks bold and bold italic, except for display of course. And don't tell me book designs don't require bold someplace--they do! Why can't these designers finish the job?? Requiem the same thing, although I've been told by staffers at H-FJ for years now that bold and bold italic are in the works.

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