Stitch this up ?! :)

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Hello typophiles !

here is my first post ever

this is a type I started making for the identity of a study program
the students in there learn to be nurses for old people at home (yes there is an english word for that, i just dont know it)

So the first idea was to make the type out of crosses (as in red cross), it turned out to have a sort stitching look to it, which was also fine for the target group of old ladies.

the client chose for another proposal because this ' wasnt readable' (its meant to be read ny the young students mind you, not the patients)

i sort of like the weirdness of it, and I'd like to give it a last push because i feel its not quite there yet

oh and yeah i like the system of ornaments, theyre broken down to small elements so you can combine them as you wish

any suggestions ??

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I only have a brief moment to comment, but one thing that struck me is that the a looks like a d ("ornaments" read at first like "orndments"). Also, I know that I've seen a font made out of crosses before (which is in no way to suggest that you shouldn't pursue yours). Maybe from a fellow typophile...?

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I think I've seen it before too but yours is nicer. If your client gives you a hard time send him/her this:

Sorry, just kidding. I won't comment on technical aspects because I'm not qualified but I think the concept is lovely.

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aha cheers Lore
that image is lovely

quite close to what I had in mind when the client's reaction came in

readability is so 30's

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I kind of like this type with its boldness and wackyness. But as auricfuzz already mentioned there are some similarities with other cross based typefaces (like Fig for example) but those goofy looking characters still makes this face unique. I think it needs some more work though before it could be more commonly used...

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You don't quite have the positioning sewn up yet. You may need to define a grid that is repeatable to tie up the loose ends.

Lore, Is that your "handywork"? Not your typical baddass Grandmother's embroidery :-)


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lol! Yes, and in my spare time I knit logos too. Kidding of course, I have no idea where the image comes from, just found it in the internet ages ago.

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thanks for the feedback everyone !

I had the idea that having this sort of uneven conecting principle instead of a grid would also give the letters their own identity instead of looking like existing stuff ...

of course it still needs to be worked out in a better way

I'll post as soon as I've made changes

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Not quite on the subject

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LOL! Great one Mili! and it is to the point :-)


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