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While testing a pen, I inadvertently drew a "protoglyph", and something potentially interesting struck me. Is anybody else thinking what I'm thinking?


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Is anybody else thinking what I’m thinking?

Hrant... I don't think I'm fully capable of thinking like that! ;-)

My first cognitive impressions are of calligraphic ampersand.
But before that I just admired the flow, balance and movement.
Looking forward to a signed copy I can hang up.

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> drew a “protoglyph”


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An ampersand? This is getting interestinger and interestinger...
Actually I'm not after a glyph ID.


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I don’t suppose you were thinking of Barbara Hepworth?


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I would say the interesting bit is that your mind fills in the black spaces that can vary between the notion you have of what it is, I first saw an ampersand, now it's a 'g', because I start negating or adding spaces to the mental composition. I, however, have no idea what you are getting at – I am a bit of a n00b ;).

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Is anybody else thinking what I’m thinking?

I think so brain, but this time, you wear the tutu. narf!

sorry hrant, i couldn't help myself ;^p

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"one's a genius, the other's insane..."

but seriously, i am trying to figure out what a "protoglyph" is. a glyph is a symbol with meaning, of course, according to our very own typowiki. and proto- is a prefix meaning first, earliest, or original. furthermore, in combination with other words, it means - more or less - a foundation or basis for things which come after it or develop from it. e.g., prototype, protolanguage, etc.

are you thinking your inadvertant squiggle has a universality or flexibility to be the basis for a whole - ahem - "set" of glyphs?


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I was thinking of a lorentz attractor. If you ask me to explain it I will say its a peek a boo or owl eyes.


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but that's not a proto-thingy :-(

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Looks a bit like a mobius strip.

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Are you thinking of a 'flipped' or reversed ductus al la the moebius strip?

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& on 2 infinity

That or simply "8 is enough"



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or maybe it is that famous old Hollywood "Hourglass Figure"


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It looks like one of those lucite high-heeled shoes that strippers wear.

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Not the last Chippendale's act I saw.... ;-)

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Mr Escher comes in mind

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Chiro-notanic protoglyph open stroke G-clef.

Or maybe a cute little butterfly on a breezy day! :-)

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Rather than playing the guessing game, what are you thinking?


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He is thinking to become a chirographer !
Yeah, get rid of the bouma for g∞d !
Check this out, maybe Aziz is on the run.
Cool protoglyphing doodling by the way !

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Are you thinking what I'm thinking? That was the last election' slogan for the Conservatives in England, wasn't it? I remember there was a big billboard near my house with Howard's face and the slogan and someone had sprayed on it "Are you smoking what I'm smoking?".

Sorry, hrant, go ahead. This thread is beginning to read like a thriller. Can't wait to see how it ends.

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Sorry Hrant, but I only do long distance mind-reading on Thursdays... what are you thinking? Is it about the thick/thin stroke thinning and crossing over itself – like those impossible skidlines on a slippery road sign?

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Yah... what is it???

:-) Mikey

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While testing a pen ... something potentially interesting struck me. Is anybody else thinking what I’m thinking?

Sure. Your pen skips.

What!? That's not it? Okay, why not shelve the guesswork games and "fess up"?

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Lemon curry?

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Can derive 20 of 26 alphabet characters from the thingie.
Warm, cold or Icy ?
And if this is a ball point, the ball is stuffed.

A pre-neolythic Picasso Bic peroid ?

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For Paul - this is my favourite Pinky-ism:
I think so Brain. But me and Pippi Longstocking: what would the children be like?
Oh well, whatever they're like, they'll be loved.

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...and the other is insane"


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> "protoglyph"
Actually I’m not after a glyph ID.

Then it's a model for a glyph yet to be developed, accepted and adapted for use.
But it just looks too familiar to be seen as new.

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Don’t stop… Squiggle squiggle — Outhere Brothers (1995)

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That, in the past, there were no plurals, rather convention dictated that nouns were the opportunity to 1. trial new pens 2. Or test that the pen they were currently using was still good for another few letters, that's how we developed our modern 's' simply through an historical misunderstanding
you don't have to tell me I got it, both you and I know


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Please direct me to the correct forum.
I have a ? about fontographer. After all my work of creating my type face I am having no luck with the simple thing of making the space bar work. hopefully it is simple to you.


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proto- |ˌproʊdoʊ| |ˌprəʊtəʊ| (usu. prot- before a vowel)
combining form
original; primitive : prototherian | prototype.
• first; anterior; relating to a precursor : protomartyr | protozoan.
ORIGIN from Greek prōtos ‘first.’

glyph |glif| |glɪf| |glɪf|
1 a hieroglyphic character or symbol; a pictograph : flanges painted with esoteric glyphs.
• strictly, a sculptured symbol (e.g., as forming the ancient Mayan writing system).
• Computing a small graphic symbol.
2 Architecture an ornamental carved groove or channel, as on a Greek frieze.
glyphic |ˈglifik| |ˌglɪfɪk| adjective
ORIGIN late 18th cent. (sense 2) : from French glyphe, from Greek gluphē ‘carving.’

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Maybe you are thinking about getting into interior decorating...?

Or, maybe you are thinking that if you post a vague question you will get a lot of funny, wrong answers... ?

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go figure
nothing good to say so trash talk rules

good bye

oh yeah thanks for nothing

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I think Duncan was posting in response to the thread not your question. I did send you an instant message to suggest you visit the Build forum with your query.


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Tim thanks for your advice, but no in reality Duncan could have easily said what you said but no, insults rule. I am not surprised.


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Richard, I’m positive Duncan was referring to the thread’s question “Is anybody else thinking what I’m thinking?” and I’m sure Hrant is well able for/used to light-hearted insults/remarks.

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Conor, thanks...I went to BUILD after Tims idea and got an instant answer from a fellow member, no jokes, no insults, no reading between the lines. Hey I am new to this site and am a very serious designer looking for information. I will try and create a new thread in the appropriate forum.



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My first thought was an 8, then a female torso, then a LC g.

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My comments were definitely not directed at you or your post. I am sorry you understood it that way. If you read the messages on this thread prior to your postings I am sure you will see what my comments were refering to.

Also, as you use this site more I think that you will find that there is a generally light-hearted kidding that goes on here.

Again, I am sorry if you feel that I was insulting you. I was not.


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Even with my active imagination I could have never imagined that this thread would become a microcosm of the human reality. You got your sex maniacs, your culture junkies, people who can't stand guessing, math-heads, politicos, poets, persecution syndrome sufferers, and everything in between... All with a single protoglyph. I coulda been a Freud.

Spill the beans? Absolutely the most damage I could do to this thread at this point.


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call me thin worries. I guess I will attempt to create a new thread in the build forum.


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Bee flight?
(btw got to love wikipedia, Phoebe has got an illiterate admirer)


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Hrant, I'll take my answer off line then. ;-)

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I see the beginings of what could be a nice art-deco S.

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typotheticals hinted at it, channeling Picasso?

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Hrant's empty bourbon bottle? ;)

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