Hitchcock font by Matt Terich

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Hi, does anyone have this font that they could mail me? saulbass.net is now gone.

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Typographica has made arrangements with Matt to host the font soon. In the meantime, consider yourself emailed (as soon as you provide some sort of contact information).

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fantastic, thank you, i've edited my profile to allow emails,(set it up quickly late last night) hopefully it'll be possible now.

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Hi, I was also looking for this font, as I need it for a project. If you could email it to me asap as well you would be a life saver. Thank you tons in advance!

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Cough cough.

I'd like that font too if you could email it?


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The whiny author of Uncredited – Graphic Design and Opening Titles mentioned that typeface as an example of cinematic cluelessness as the letters are actually based on an Otto Preminger film. Oh, shut up I thought as I read.


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I have also been looking for this font. If anyone would be so kind as to e-mail it to me also.

Thank you.

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I need that font too. I've lost in the last drive format.

Could anybody send it to me?


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At the risk of being considered whiny (by someone other than hhp), be it noted that Saul Bass didn't do the lettering for his movie titles/posters -- he was the designer. Without seeing the roughs he gave to his lettering artists, it's hard to know how much credit to give him. Was it a scribble on a napkin, or a slick comp? At any rate, it could be misleading to call a derived font "Hitchcock" -- as recently emerged when a senior executive at Adobe thought that John Warnock had designed the font named after him.

Movie: This is Goggle
Client: Otto Preminger
Designer (poster); Saul Bass
Lettering: Art Goodman

Movie: Vertigo
Designer (poster); Saul Bass
Lettering: Dave Nagata

Movie: Love in the Afternoon
Designer (poster); Saul Bass
Lettering: Art Goodman

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Your boldness will not go unnoticed.

The reference to the typeface just didn't have anything to do with anything in the book. Very useless You see. The book could be a masterpiece in every other aspect. Haven't finished it yet.

And don't forget Spartacus. Art Goodman did excellent work there. That is what I have learnt from the book so far.


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thought that John Warnock had designed the font

Pardon me, that should have been "was quoted as having thought that John Warnock had designed the font..."

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I have desperately been searching for this font as well- someone could email, I would appreciate it very much!

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I worked with Saul Bass for 2 1/2 and also with Art Goodman and his assistant Dave Nagata. Dave Nagata was a master lettering artist and most of the comps were done by him while Art Goodman cracked the whip. When the comps were presented to Saul Bass and the actual font that matched the layout was chosen for the credits. I did the type on Mad, Mad, Mad, World. Main title were usually hand lettered. In the movie Man With the Golden Arm, Art Goodman's crippled arm was the model. Well, that's enough history for now.

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Thanks for the backgound, Robert. It's great to get the facts from a man who was there. Can you tell us more about what influence Saul Bass had on the actual style of the lettering? Did he ask for a general feeling and leave the actual forms to Goodman and Nagata, or were his directions more specific and detailed?

The Hitchcock font and some background info are now live at Typographica.

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Whoops. Fixed. Thank you, Dennis.

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Could someone send me the font too?
Thanks a lot!

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Ancient link fixed yet again! Sorry.

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