Font prescription for this ailment please.

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Anyone have a good recommendation for a San Serif font, Bold or Black (thick) with stems that are nearly the same width? I am working on a logo and need a letter 'F' that has equal or near equal parts.

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Something like Avant Garde / Century Gothic might heal you.

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Good ol' Futura could work, but Nobel or Gotham could be more interesting choices. The "problem" is that many typefaces are optically balanced to compensate for the human eye's differing perception of the thicknesses of vertical and horizontal lines, meaning that often the horizontals are made slightly thinner to create the illusion that they are the same width as the verticals. So finding a font with perfectly equal horizontals and verticals might actually not be ideal, as it would not appear that way. But then again, you might already know this.

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Use any sans you like to set the logo, then outline the fonts in Illustrator and edit the 'F'.

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Thanks everyone for the fantastic responses! I will take all of your Font suggestions twice daily until I am cured of this Logo sickness. Viva La Type!

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