Type logo from scratch..sorta

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Can someone give me a few pointers on how to improve this? Kerning issues, letterforms, etc. I'm taking reference for some characters from Futura heavy, but most of it is taken from my pencil sketches.

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The "RA" overlap bugs me, but otherwise this is really cool. I'm not sure how I feel about the 'S' - it might need to be looked at, but it fits the general vibe of the logo. Also, the bottom of the 'U' could be a little bit thicker, but I'd have to see it that way.

As for kerning, "UN" in "UNITED" seems closer than the rest of "UNITED", so I'd tighten up "NITED" a bit. Also in "BRAZILIAN", "IL" could be tightened, as well as "JIU". As I've said before, I'm no kerning expert, so someone else could probably help you more.

Good job, and I'm looking forward to seeing this progress.

- Lex

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Can you push the word "United" farther to the right and tuck it afer the T in "Jitsu"?

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Take a look at your cap A. I think its central axis is leaning further to the right than the rest of the letters, just by a hair. It could be an optical illusion that needs to be compensated for? Am I the only one who wants the tail on the J to look more like the leg on the R? It might not work but I think it'd be worth a look. The N bugs me, but I can't figure out why specifically.

Otherwise, good job.

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Nothing to add other than to say that looks great!

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The kerning of the I’s is off. The exuberant forms kind of leave the hyphen as a flat spot, you could try making an angled version.


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Thanks for the tips. timd, I'm not sure what you mean by making the hyphen angled... The ends are already angled. Here's the altered attempt.

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Check out some of the Goudy hyphens, rather than the ends angled rotate the hyphen counterclockwise.


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