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On-line resource intended to educate type designers on how to create properly-formed diacritical characters for international fonts. This project has been developed by Filip Blažek and is intended to be a collaborative effort in wiki format.
Blažek writes:
The aim of this project is to build a free on-line database of knowledge and experience — how to design correct diacritics: what size, shape and position an accent should have. Text concerning the history, use, languages and also some technical information is related to each diacritical mark. The project web site is based on wiki: after a simple registration, anyone can append or correct any published text or upload pictures. There is no need for special knowledge of HTML code, the editing is also similar to Wikipedia.

Project Diacritics
Diacritics Wiki Project Posted by Filip Blazek
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URL: http://diacritics.typo.cz

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