Quirky Headline Serif

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I'm looking to pair up Meta with a sort of "quirky" serif. I plan to use the serif as headline and not body copy so I need something that will grab your attention in a fun, laid back way. Scala looks interesting but anyone know of others? Thanks.

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FF Danubia
FF Oneleigh
or if you want to get really crazy: FF Fontesque

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I'd recommend something from Psy Ops

Aquamarine Titling
or even
Eidetic Neo

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Maybe something from Caketype!

Actually what I was thinking of is in progress or private use.

What about Ronnia or Legato? They have a very nice heft to them in bold. Legato has a warm couchy feeling, Ronnia feels a bit more aspirational and is more cocktail-y.

Tiptoe has a great flow and I think t would play nice with Meta
: http://vllg.com/KLTF/Tiptoe/mudTyper+Weights/

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