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Hi guys:

Read this article from :

Then enjoy.


PS... don't even think of cutting edge stuff here... just tacky classics

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I'm consudef.
Scripts are, like, bits of programming code, alphabet systems (e.g. Latin, which is what we use for English, and very little to do with the Latin language), or fonts that look like writing/ hand-drawn lettering.

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Most of these fonts are also part of iWork. But, still cool. I'd imagine they paid a grundle to be able to just offer them willy-nilly from their site.

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Tiff: not iWork but Apple Works. Portago is the only I can think included with the new iWorks.

Nick: huh? what are you talking about?



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Mike, they are bundled with iWork too.

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Hey! I downloaded that a long time ago from a link at Wikipedia. The link I believe was on the Apple fonts page. Most are boring, but I like the Braganza and Portago faces. And of course, the Bodoni 72 small caps. The full bundles of iWork and Apple Works have the full range of the Bodoni 72s, but who am I to complain?

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Tiff: I finally figured why I did not have these fonts... I have the first version of iWork. the new version- '06- has more stuff.

But this little collection isn't all that bad.
When I get my pizza place up and running I'll use Jenson Old Style or maybe if I'm feelin' really 'classy' I use Algerian.

The monospaced avant guard and souvenir is scandalous!

Ok for reals though... as mentioned Bodoni 72 Small Caps by sumner stone is great, Type Embellishments 1 is something we all should have in our libraries, Portago is very good, Academy is a fine classic, Braganza is nifty, and Mona Lisa now has old style figures- (it deserves some respect for having osf numerals right?

Next on my list is extract the font in my ipod- oh wait- I don't have one.


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Hmmm... it just occurred to me that if I nuke my hard drive and reinstall Tiger without using the original system install discs, I might be able to finally get rid of all of the annoy/tacky system fonts that just won't die...

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That *is* what you download...applescripts. It just happens that there's a folder of fonts included with the applescripts.

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Wish I had known about this freebie package before I had to buy Braganza for a one-off project...

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Slight off-topic comment directed at Jpad

James, see this thread over on -- specifically you can manage the fonts. I use combination color-coding and Fontbook. My main font management tool is Font Explorer, but I don't activate or de-activate fonts system fonts with it. I'll quit Font Explorer, open Fontbook disable the system fonts I need disabled, re-open FontBook and voilá, Font Explorer see it.


(Font Explorer Pro)

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Good to see these are getting distributed. I wrote the Wikipedia page that Dan Gayle refers to: which also mentions hidden fonts such as Apple Garamond and the ones at /Applications/

My main aim in doing this is to get as large a variety of fonts installed on end user's systems so that they can be used on websites. Braganza Small Caps looks wonderful for headings in the right setting, we just need it to be installed on a significant enough percentage of systems.

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nickshanks... very excellent Wiki entry! I have to stop thinking free fonts because- we bought these products and we should get all the we can out of them. There is not point to hidden fonts. Take apple casual: no one and their grandma knows that apple has made a nice alternative to comic sans but there it is.

So thank you and keep up the good work,


PS... I tried the ESPN font and got an error.

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I popped in my Mac OSX install cd and ran a program called Pacifist on it, and I was surprised by the results. Almost all of these typefaces are on it! Notable exceptions being the Braganza and Portago faces. I think there are even some extras not mentioned before. Some of them are hidden in the various installers on there, and of course there are the X11 fonts on there as well.

Pacifist is donationware, so if you're interested, just pop your install disk in. Then after about 5 minutes and a few disk exchanges, you can search through every single file that you can install. Even hidden ones!
I typed in a few searches such as .ttf, .dfont, and MM and it worked pretty well.

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