A classic book about printing?

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Hi Typophiles,

I'm looking for old, classic books on printing or on-line resources in that manner. In particular I'm interested in graphic content: sketches, illustrations, photographs. The earlier the better. I plan to visit St Bride Library in the near future, but anything else you'd like to add will be much appreciated.

An example and an example.

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Daniel Berkeley Updike, Printing types : their history, forms and use, Oak Knoll – The British Library, New Castle (Delaware), London 2001.

The Cary Graphic Arts Collection, http://wally.rit.edu/cary/

The Firefly Letterpress video, http://elsa.photo.net/video/firefly-small.mov


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Poke around in Google book search and Microsoft book search, there are some great older books on the topic in those collections.

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