" Iam Emerald Green" poster

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Hope everyone likes it, just a poster inspired for St. Patrick's Day... and had some fun and liberties with it.

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Gorgeous, Joe. I love it.


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it's very nice, but reminds me a lot of this:

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Well I cant complain about the comparison I love that work sean did. Never saw it prior.. but I really love the use of white and black in that.

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This is very cool, great use of green.

I'd like to be critical (I assume that's why you posted in the first place.) I'll try and be as creative as possible, but it'll all probably sound nit-picky anyway.

    1. I don't believe you need the exclamation point after 2007.

    2. the alignment of "I am Emerald Green" and the rest of the text makes the everything look as if it's "tipping" over. I'm guessing you used the illustrator alignment tool to align everything vertically. Visually, it's very heavy on the top left (no doubt because of the tree image.) I'd suggest moving the "Green" over to the left or add more ivy to the right. Also, your logo isn't centered to the "Happy St. Patrick's Day 2007" text.

    3. I would make the green for your text even lighter, not quite white but almost, it would really make it pop off the poster more.

    4. I love the background texture and the varying shades of green. Those are also some great looking trees you photographed!

    5. Excellent work on the vectors for the "I" and the ivy as well. This poster is beautiful, it just needs some "tweaking".

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just to be clear, the design i posted is the cover of the book by sean wilsey.

design is by non-format


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http://www.threadless.com/submission/108841/Iam_Emerald_Green Please vote for the design if you like it on threadless I made a t shirt for it!!!

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Updated. Feel free to download the highres if you want one.

http://www.joemaguiredesign.com/submission/Emeraldgreen_F2607lowres.jpg for
the lowres..

http://www.joemaguiredesign.com/submission/Emeraldgreen_F2607.jpg for the
high res. 24x36 inch poster

Joseph Maguire

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