Sans Serif from early 1900.

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Hi there.

I've been googling and searching but with not great results.
I'm looking for some typefaces that were design in early 1900. Pref Sans Serif that looks great even today :)
And if it was still a bit „fresh“ that would be even better. :)

So, a new typeface from early 1900. :)

It's to be used for a logo.

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News Gothic (1908—1958), ATF Franklin Gothic (1904), or Alternate Gothic (1903) by Morris Fuller Benton at the American Type Founders and Venus (1907—1927) which was designed at the Bauersche Gießerei in Germany.

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1900s” tagged on MyFonts. Not all designed then but certainly influenced.

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Akzidenz Grotesk

or something quite new – Maple

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Berthold's Block, Erik Spiekermann's Berliner Grotesk, Edward Johnston's Railway Type

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