Celtic looking lettering style of a Maori prophet

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Hi there, i'm researching the style of a particular lettering style of a Maori prophet (in New Zealand, obviously). The lettering stlye seems to be of some european inspiration... celtic, maybe? It looks quite familiar, but I can't quite pick it. It is quite inconsistent, but I recognise some character designs, and would appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction for other source material.


- Chris

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The A’s are quite Basque/Celtic in style, these might help



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I recently took this pictures which have a similar A, I don't have a date for the building, the windows look 1930s but I doubt they are original.


Edit: I meant to say the building is off Oxford Street in London

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A modern interpretation, closer to Tim's sample than Chris':

Epitaph, from Font Bureau

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