Logo for a fancy classy French restaurant - critique

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Fellow Typophiles,

I was commissioned to design a new logotype for a fancy, chique restaurant in The Netherlands. The main design is an RC monogram (for Restaurant Claudius), but the client wanted a really detailed design to sandblast (is that right?) on the window, and for big prints like the banners they have in front of their restaurant.

Check the attachments for my design. I'm quite pleased with the decorative logo, I'm not too sure about the type treatment though. It's set in Perpetua Titling MT.

Any thoughts and comments?

logo voorbeeld groot.pdf684.91 KB
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what is the name of that RC sans? can't recognize it.

btw it looks very good. Like the serif treatment.
good job.

golden ratio of passion. sansogno.coastaldisturbance.com

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It's one of the weights of Neutra Text.

Thanks for the kind words!

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i think you need (much) more vertical space between RESTAURANT and …
to separate the words and give them "air". So, it looks kind of unsettled.


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I agree with poms - a touch more air would help th elegant feel. I also agree with garden - it looks very good. I love the ornamental logo; it's just gorgeous. I worry about scaling it down, but I see you have simpler versions that will scale endlessly. Nice work -- and it goes perfect with foie gras and Sauternes.

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My thoughts are the "U's" are awkward in the type treatment. If you don't like Perpetua then I'd recommend Requiem. It's a gorgeous font:


Might fit more in line with what you're looking for. Great job thus far!

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Is the floral ornament in the background your own design, or is it stock?

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I agree with your concern about how well the Perpetua goes with the logo--which is strong.

Have you tried different weights & italics of the Neutraface itself?

An interesting alternative with a classic feel is Garda.

I'm also feeling that the black square in the middle of the ornament is too stark a transition. A one way to go would be to have an art deco style ornament, instead of the neoclassical leaves, so as to match with your nice logo in style.

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I actually like the transition from the leaves to the black square.

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I love the ornamental logo. It looks like something I'd buy at an antique store and hang it above my mantle (if I had a fireplace of course).

edit: and i forgot to mention that i'm not sure if it's just my monitor, but i love the dark brown of the logo against the peachy pink background

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I think it's your monitor, because I think it's supposed to be black on pink-ish. ;)

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Yeah, I can see that now that I'm on my work computer. But I still like dark brown on peach!

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Hmmm, maybe it's just cause it's early morning here.

The RC and the Restaurant Claudius text seem REALLY disjointed to me. I like the floral ornament too, but again the integration of the RC doesn't fit. You're mixing retro (the RC) with classic, which could work, but IMO isn't just yet.

Please don't let this discourage you.

Paul Ducco
Design, Melbourne
Little Mischief

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I don't like the "lowercase" "u" along with the capital letters, gives it a funny look. I think all-caps would look much better.

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Fernando, that's not a lowercase 'U', it's a cap 'U' with a stem, which has been part of the Perpetua typeface for over 80 years. I actually prefer stemmed 'U's, since no other letter (save 'Z' maybe) has such wonky contrast as an unstemmed 'U' (to my eyes anyway).

- Lex

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Hello all,

thank you so much for the kindness. I really like the Garda typeface, I think Garda No. 2 or No. 3 will look extremely good with the monogram, because of the small serifs in 2 or the 'sans serifness' of 3.

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I have to disagree with Ratbaggy - I think the victorian/opulent feel of the ornament and the clean, deco style of the text compliment eachother beautifully.

Wouter, do you know when this project will be finished? And if you can, possibly post some photos of it implemented?

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19 and 70 should be at the bottom of the RC Logo. It annoys me in the center.

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The project is pretty much complete, the logo is anyway. The client was happy with Perpetua, and wouldn't fork over the $150 for Garda. Right now I'm working on the menus, business cards and stationary, and I'm in talks with a sandblaster to see what can be done with the front window.

Also, I've been having meetings with a silversmith to produce custom cutlery and an embroidery factory to get custom napkins.

Another factory I'm talking to creates wine glasses, coffee cups, dinner plates, side plates, champagne flutes et cetera. They'll be creating all the restaurant's dishes.

All of this should be finished somewhere in mid to late April, I'll be posting photos then.

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nice one Wouter. Post pics when you got em.


Paul Ducco
Web Design Wellington

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I can't wait to see the finished product in action. Now I want to take a trip to The Netherlands just to see it. ;)

When I first saw your logo, I could easy picture it on all of the applications you just mentioned.


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Keep us informed, indeed.

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I'm a fan for sure! I actually like the space between Restaurant and Claudius. wow it's been a while since everyone posted on this logo haha. i missed the boat!

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Looking at the dates this project is probably long ago finished, but I want to add a technical note.:

For safety reasons I would suggest against sandblasting directly into exterior window glass, as it will weaken the glass and make it more prone to breakage. This method is better suited to small decorative pieces set in frames, or as part of a soldered glass arrangement as with stained glass. You can hang such framed pieces inside behind the exterior windows, and mount them in other locations as room dividers and such.

If it must go directly on an exterior window, there are vinyl products that simulate the sandblasted effect quite well, barring close tactile inspection.

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Elegant .

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