(x) numbers - Gravur Cnd {Stephen}

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I believe this piece was designed by Stephen Sagmeister...can anyone identify the typeface used
for the numbers?

You guys all have been soo great!
Thanks in Advance!


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hey, Stephen, that's pretty darn close! I think it's a match! Thanks! Do you know any US type foundries
carry that face for sale??

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LOL! true true! Thanks Stephen~ ;-)

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You could always try other fonts in the vernacular/industrial vein, like Garage Gothic from Font Bureau, or Emigre's Platelet.

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Thanks Heinrich!
Your NOGA is a very nice face. Very clean and modern. I like the numbers too; except the Gravur Condensed is rounded on the edges. I will definately keep you in mind for my future uses! Does it come with Oblique and/or light styles too?

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dc, NOGA remains with the three weights. without oblique.

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What works very nicely -- at least it did for me -- is to use Isonorm Monospaced and add 10% weight to it FontLab or some tool like that -- by using the fully automated process. This rather weird process results in a very vernacular typeface that is strangely rounded and feels strangely un-designed.
The only irritating thing about Lineto is the pricing in Schweizer Franken. I tried to contact Wendlin and Co about Euro pricings for Courier Sans, but to no avail...

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Thanks -- uh, they're really not that cheap at all. 188 Euro for 3 weights... jeez.

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Very probably Lineto's wonderful Gravur Condensed.

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As far as I know it's exclusively Lineto. I know, they are pricey.
Sagmeister can afford those fonts, the rest of us cannot.

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You could also try FF Isonorm 3098 for this rounded
"technical drawing" feel. At $99 for 4 weights it's a
bargain. And Mecanorma has a single weight for $22!

(I prefer the Lineto version though. They've really got
some killer deigns over there.)

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