Suggestions for book about printing production

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I am looking for a book specialised in printing production.
It is important to be updated with the latest printing techniques
explaining in simple language (english is not my mother tongue)
a wide variety of printing issues.

For the moment I am thinking for the "PRODUCTION FOR THE GRAPHIC DESIGNER"
by Craig James.

I am looking forward for any recommendations.

Thanks in advance

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"Pocket Pal" from International Paper is regularly updated and an easy read.

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Book Design and Production by Pete Masterson, ISBN 978-0966981902. It was written for publishers.

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A Guide to Graphic Print Production (Hardcover)
by Kaj Johansson, Peter Lundberg, Robert Ryberg

This is the textbook a lot of graphic design schools use, if that is the kind of book you are looking for. Amazon will let you peek into a few pages.

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Official Adobe Print Publishing Guide: The Essential Resource for Design, Production, and Prepress --2nd Edition. By Brian P. Lawler

Real World Print Production. By Claudia McCue

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Printernational — A handy online resource.

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