(x) An Cnoc whisky slab serif - Egyptienne F {Yves}

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Can any one help me to identify this typface used for An Cnoc whisky. Lovely typeface just not sure what it could be

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It's almost Adrian Frutiger's Egytienne F, unless the lower serif does change in the heavier weights? Lemmecheck.

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Aha, it's an enlarged lowercase 'c', that's why the bottom serif doesn't match.

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On a tangent .. I've never heard of that whiskey before so I googled it .. nice simple label http://www.royalmilewhiskies.com//images/products/0010000000290_XL.JPG

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On another tangent “an cnoc” is the Irish for “the hill”. It is a nice label. Designers for Jameson and Bushmills take note!

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or Scottish Gaelic as the case may be ;-). Are you looking forward to your 'Sweet Talk' Conor?

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> Are you looking forward to your ‘Sweet Talk’ Conor?

Not as nervous as I was before my first one.

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