Wondering if freelance community / networking websites are worth the money?

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Has anybody ever had any real success by joining one of these types of websites?


If so, which ones are worth the time and money? It's so hard to trust the slick marketing -- especially when you're the one who designs it :)


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I have never used a system like this.

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looks like something no client i'd like to work with would read.. nor would I care too lol.

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What I've heard from everyone who ever posted on those sites, especially Craig's List, is that you never hear back from anybody ever--a waste of time. Face to face networking is what works.

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What about LinkedIn?

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another one for the perspective dot ring collection !


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LinkedIn, IMHO, is more of a 'hey, I know you in person, let's stay in contact' type of service.

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I use LinkedIn for my resume and to generally keep my address book up to date. Facebook I use to keep in touch with people and find out which famous designer is using a bunny on a magazine cover (which absolutely made me smile!). Both are useful. I've started using Plaxo, but wonder if I'm going a bit OTT.

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LinkedIn has been useful for me -- I would echo what aluminum said, that it's more about staying in touch with your work-related network, and I could directly relate using it to a couple projects I've had. I could see using this site if you were looking for a job, but it seems too overwhelming for any meaningful networking -- "media" is an enormous pool to swim in, something like Typophile would probably be more useful if you were looking to make type design contacts, for example.

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Media Bistro is very big in the publishing world. It is read by a lot of book people, editors publishers, agents.

I think you have to pass a clever test in order to post there. And if you post too many boring posts you are banned.

Not a bad idea actually.

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