Laconic Beginning

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This font started off as a few glyphs for a logo design. I thought it was interesting enough to flesh out the rest of the design in my spare time... but now I am to the point of pouring it into FontLab and starting the lighter and bolder weights.

And I am beginning to wonder if it is worth all that work. I like a few of the glyphs a lot (like the "g"). But I am worried that this sort of simplified "machined" style has been done to death...

Do you think Laconic is worth pursuing? Feel free to hit me hard. That will either convince me to turn my back on the font or finish it up out of pure stubbornness.

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Be stubborn, Robby, if that's what it takes, but by all means pursue this project to whatever you believe is its logical end. With regard to pangs of "done to death" reluctance and such, the simplest answer may be, "So what?" Once finished, your take on this "style" (if indeed style it is) could well bridge a gap among similar but unequal niches, and could well be the typeface that designers point to and say, "There — now that's the ticket!" In short, my humbly proffered advice is: carry on ... and please bring us back some updates as your project progresses.

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I feel the font has potential - keep at it

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It looks to be a useful alternative to a face like Handel Gothic. Some of the upper case glyphs almost look slightly Art Deco-ish (A,B,R especially).
Other observations/criticisms: Inconsistency in the counters of "a" and "g" compared to the rest of the set (i.e, they only have sharp corners), whereas the others tend to partially follow the outside contour (such as d, n and p). Watch the angle of glyphs like 7 and 4 since they do stand out from their lack of curves. They could be a bit steeper.
Overall, a good start though :)


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I like the way the laconic looks even if I have a few quibbles. That Cap R though... I think it's worth thinking of a new one. So I would wait to go bold & light until you have resolved some issues with the basic design. I will provide more details later. Nice Icon BTW.

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