(x) British Forces Broadcasting Service logo - ITC Stone Sans {Yves}

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This is the logo of the British Forces Broadcasting Service in Germany and around the world. I have the feeling, that the original typeface might have been changed, somehow squeezed (width ?) ?

However - I'm not certain about the name of the font being used - does anyone have a clue?


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Stretched ITC Stone Sans. I don't think I like the logo nor the font, but that's besides the point.

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yeah, it's extremely stretched...

thanks a lot,


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Yeah, steretched towards ugliness for sure!

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Hey! Shouldn't that be 'squooshed™'?!

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Nope, squooshed is the exact opposite of stretched -- it creates a condensed face, not an extended one. I know the TypoWiki says it applies to both, but I don't agree.

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Can you tell if it’s been squooshed vertically or stretched horizontally?

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Nope, it creates exactly the same effect. That's why I want a distinction between the condensed and the extended end result, otherwise you simply don't know what you're talking about.

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Personally, I'm quite fond of the term "reverse squoosh™"

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Fair cop guys; I agree with the need to distinguish between these heinous crimes of glyph distortion. I will use the sq... term with more diligence in future.

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Aww, c'mon Baldy. We don't need two terms for the same problem.

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Just so you know, as I'm the one being blamed for the word, I would consider squooshed to cover squashing and squishing of letterforms.

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