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This is a basic lowcases-only font.
One idea is to put circles inside as many letters as possible. Another solution i am thinking about is to put kind of a dingbats-like symbols.

At the moment the numeric letters are missing, and i am still wondering how to refine v/w s and z.

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i dig the little things like the assymetrical m and w, but the the a seems gigantic. c, e, and o look smaller than the other letters that share the round shape. maybe make the counter smaller in b, d and similar letters? i like the alternate a at the bottom better. it feels more comfortable to me. f is cool, and i like e, but as i said, it looks small, and maybe could be slightly more related to the rest of the font. the crossbar in t may need to be a little bigger to aid recognition of it. at first glance it could seem like an l with a swoopy tail. as for z, you're on your own.

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Heaventica Refabricated 2003

I refabricated the whole set of characters on this typeface, just for the feeling of it :-).

I'd like to have a rather "cramped"/thight setting on this one.

Especially I'm wondering about any other solutions of "q", looks kind of bizaar :-)

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