Samsara Films Identity

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I did this Logo a while back and am considering it for inclusion in my portfolio. Before doing so I would like some feedback.
Text is set in Peter Bilak's beautiful Fedra of my all time favorite fonts.
I only did business card and logo for client (vs. full collateral). samsara

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Pretty nice.
How would the swirl render as line art? Maybe little pixels that emulate the shading? Or better: thin swirling streaks than taper out as the shading gets lighter.


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You had to go there...
Rendering in vector is obviously a nice addition (for userbility) in a logo design. I did not take it in that direction when I created it for the client, but think it would be worth doing if it is to be included in my portfolio as a case study. The thin streaks sound like the best solution to me.
OK, I am going to park that for a few days and try it out when I have less deadline approaching. Thanks for the good idea. Hrant.

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I'm a lo-fi kinda guy. :-)


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Normally, I would be in complete agreeance, about the line art / vector, but this seemes to work fine for me. I guess it's because it is a film (motion) company. Just my first impression.

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Same here - I was talking about an alternate lo-fi version.


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Wow, the "R" in SAMSARA is beautiful.

I think I want to have it's children.

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I'd be worried about the blurry swirl in B/W - what if they had a newspaper ad or on a fax or photocopy - once that yellow is gone it won't look so good.

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Can we see that business card you made? I dig this logo.

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i think you captured the essence of a motion picture company in a very simple and elegant way. great work.

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here is the businesscards I did. They were printed in Asia with cmyk and laminated with thin matte film coating (non-tearable). Image uploaded has a bit of color shift as this was converted back from CMYKbc

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Very nice Ole. Why Asia? Is the quality that big? Could you post a photo from them?

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It is probably much cheaper to get it printed in Asia, even with shipping:-)

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