My first font, wants improvement ...

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Hi All, I just discovereed this forum recently, I love it!

I started this font a while back, later discovered it was too thin/weak for screen use. Looks acceptable printed out but no smaller than 24pts.

I want to improve it, thinking of making it bolder for starters and making upppercase and numbers. Its based on the chinese Sung-Ti typeface (last 4 characters in attachment)

I'd love some advice and critique.


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It's a very nice start. The letters that stand out to me as far as needing improvement are the "x" and "v". The x is too fussy and the v is not strong enough in form (too "u" like).

Also, overall, you may want to incorporate more of the original lettering's weight modulation and curves.

Otherwise, looks cool. It's a lot more elegant than some imitation chinese/japanese fonts that try too hard to look like their ancestors.

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Thanks Matthew, I feel the same way about the x. I'll take your advice on the v, weight modulation and curves.

I'm also thinking of adding some extra strokes to the letters, so as to make it feel more like chinese.

Thanks again! (in mandarin thats Sie-sie ni) =)

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