07 How Design Conference

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I just received a design piece for the 2007 How Design Conference that will be held June 10-13 in Atlanta, GA

They are offering workshops/lectures from "Can't We All Just Get Along" to aspects of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Color Trends, even a Gloss-n-Floss Font workshop.

I was wondering if anyone here was giving any of the 49 sessions and 11 workshops?

Anyone planning on attending?

Has anyone been to the HOW conference in previous years? If yes, what were they like?

If you are interested, they of course, give a website to visit - howconference.com

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I have attended the last 3 How Conferences. It can be hit or miss. Some great designers are not necessarily great speakers. I think it is still worth going, as you can meet some great people. The resource center and bookstore are also great. I have picked up a lot of back issues of HOW and Print for cheap and tons of free paper samples.

The conference is very busy, it sold out the last 2 years, and they always pick a city that has ungodly heat.

Don't overbook yourself. Allow some free time to explore the city and just rest. The optional studio tours are okay, but after a while it got repetitive.

I'm looking forward to Chip Kidd and Deborah Sussman speaking at this year's conference.

You can also go to forum.howdesign.com and go to the Design Events and Lounge section to meet people (like me) who are going.

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