AlBro by Alexey Brodovitch

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Does anyone know where I could buy a digital version of Albro by Alexey Brodovitch?

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I'm not familiar with Albro, my book on Brodovitch is at home. Can you post a sample? Perhaps with a sample we might know it under a different name.

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I think that was a Photolettering alphabet but they're out of business aren't they?

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thanks for your responses
here's an image of the alphabet:

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Yes that's the face I was thinking of. Do you ever look at I'm a HUGE Nick Knight fan so I keep up with his work there. I saw this type on the site for one of the projects and have been lusting after it ever since. Looks like a fellow named Paul Barnes had something to do with the type. I don't know him but I've heard from an old co-worker that he's expensive so it figures that Nick Knight would work with him!

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dear nigellaL,
thanks for the info. I will contact this paul barnes fellow.
all the best,
anne jordan

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According to this online article, AlBro has never been released.

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And... hold on a second. In the book Typography -- When, Who, How (edited by Friedl, Ott, and Stein), it is listed as Abro, not AlBro. Same goes for the website type hype... Are they all talking about the same typeface?

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House Industries, the new owner of the Photo-Lettering library weighs in.

A digitization was once available from Lineto, I believe. But there must have been licensing issues.

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Also by Paul Barnes, in collaboration with Peter Saville, a logo for Kate Moss Topshop brand.


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There's a thread elsewhere on Typophile about that logo...

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In Portfolio #1 from 1950 (you can see the scan of a facsimile in ALJ's post), it is referred to als Albro, short for Alexey Brodovitch. In the Brodovitch book by Kerry William Purcell (from which ALJ scanned the facsimile, I suppose), it is called Al-bro. Nico Schweizer's 1992 revival Albroni (released by Lineto) can be found here:

Sorry for the late response. :-)

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Better late than never, Rainer. Danke.

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KaterRino from Manfred Klein comes pretty close, although it needs a lot of work and fine tuning

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