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Hi everyone...

I have a question, and sorry, it's not really a small one. I shall number them, I guess different people might know one or two, so quoting a number might be the best thing to do.

For a design-research on typo used in fashion magazines, Im looking for the actual typefaces (or perhaps modified originals) of the following logos:

(Many, many thanks in advance! Any help and tips really appreciated.)

1. Miracle

2. Gucci

3. YvesSaintLaurent

4. Prada

5. Chloe

6. Vogue

7. Chantelle

8. Lancome

9. Dior


11. Ralph Lauren

12. Estee Lauder

13. Pure Poison

and a kind of Univers with sans-serif...
a quote from an Elle Article

14. Elle Editorial

again... many thanks for every response!


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1. Miracle > Americana

2. Gucci > custom designed, check Luxury

3. YvesSaintLaurent > custom designed

4. Prada > custom designed, check Engravers Roman

5. Chloe > custom designed

6. Vogue > custom designed, check Didot

7. Chantelle > custom designed

8. Lancôme > custom designed

9. Dior > custom designed, check Nicolas Cochin

10. LANVIN > custom designed

11. Ralph Lauren > similar to ITC Fenice

12. Estee Lauder > custom designed, check Radiant

13. Pure Poison > similar to ITC Tiepolo

14. Elle Editorial > similar to Radiant

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thanks bald! an impressive result.

ehm... I see a lot of custom designs... Is there no way of tracing that back to an original font?

thanks already :) matt.

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Mattijs, the point of custom designs is that they are custom designed, ie. not based upon any existing typeface, and so are unique.

Nick Cooke

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Hi Nick,

Sorry for the previous post if it looks a bit strange.

ehm, I cannot imagine that the 'custom fonts' are so totally 'unique' that we can state there is no historic model where the font is based on...

I'm only hoping to find maybe some more 'links' en 'gestures' which point to (almost) similar fonts, it's like tracing back the origins of the 'custom designs'...

(hope this does make sense)


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PURE POISON is Carolus Roman, a.k.a. Carleton (Google search).

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I’m only hoping to find maybe some more ‘links’
Try the Type Navigator on the site.

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Oops Edward, you're right, now I remember. Serves me right for being too lazy to look them up. Then again, Matthijs might've done that himself; dunno why we would have to look stuff up for him if the information is readily available online... O:^) :^P

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Should I admit that I didn't even have to look it up, because I recognized it instantly as the in-game system font of one of my all-time favorite games, Thief: The Dark Project, for which I used to create my own fan missions?

And should I admit that when Thief III came out, I hated the new system font so much (Papyrus, of all things!) that I reverse-engineered the game's internal font file format just so I could hack Carolus Roman back in?

No, probably not.

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Hah! :^D

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no further leads on Chloe by any chance?

I would love something close :-S :-D

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