Exporting PC TT that reads in Macromedia Flash

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I have been racking my brain all day and reading about exporting PC TrueType faces that work in Adobe products as well as Macromedia's. I am a Mac Fontographer user and it seems no matter what font generating application you use, the TT fonts on PC will have some odd conflict or don't name properly.

I will cut to the chase, does anybody know how to export PC TT properly (in Fontographer or Fontlab) so that all the fonts in a family will show up in Flash MX without using a font management program? I have had my friend that is well versed in Fontlab (PC user) look into it and he is stumped also. In theory, it should be a brainless task, but it seems whenever I try and properly generate a family, some app on either platform (usually Macromedia) gives me problems.

I know of shortcuts and older methods to make it work, but I am looking for someone that understands this problem a little better than most people do. It is late and I hope I am explaining myself properly, but this is driving me nuts. Anybody know why or how to generate in either platform in Fontographer or Fontlab so it lists "properly" in Flash MX for PC?

Thank you in advance. </font>

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Yes I have, it is a wonderful article! It addresses some very great issues and problems, but still does not touch Macromedia Flash.

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Adam, is that the DEFINITIVE article?

I've been flagging this topic here and on the FontLab list, but it seemed to be evolving so I decided to wait for you guys to figure it all out and THEN read up on it!


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Looks like I am gunna have to email Fontlab about this one, wish me luck! Thanks for the consideration though.

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