I really like it but could you change the colors & the design?

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I wish to know two things :
- well, what is the font?
- but, more important, do you know the author of this image? I get it from a friend who get from another one who do not remember… Before spreding the image all around me, i want to find and give credit to this genius.

Thank you for your advice and kindness.

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It's very hard to tell from such a pixillated sample but it looks hand lettered to me.

Try google for the quote.

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If you like it, why do you want to change it? ;^)

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I did ! I did all the google request I could imagine !

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Reminds me of a manipulated Futura Condensed Extra Bold

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Cool. It would look great in a meeting room ;)


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This is done by the dutch Illustrator Parra.
You'll find most of his work here:

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Thank you all very much. This forum and quality members is always a blessing.

Because I am lucky enough to live in Paris, I will go ask my poster tomorrow at the Lazy Dog (if there is some left) where Parra had an exibition last year. The Lazy Dog is very well known for dragging the all (graphic designers and arty sick people of ) paris — like me — so I usally try to avoid this place. Well, tonight I changed my mind !

Here is a link for a bigger image :

Thank you a again.

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